The Princess Switch 3


Comedy / Drama / Family

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November 19, 2021



Mia Lloyd as Olivia
Nick Sagar as Kevin
Sam Palladio as Prince Edward
Suanne Braun as Mrs. D
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toddsgraham 7 / 10 / 10

No worries, royal six-pack...

Fans of the Princess Switch will no doubt enjoy this third installment of the Netflix movie series. All in all, it is a fun and entertaining movie, with a couple of heartfelt moments, sprinkled here and there. This Christmas, when the Star of Peace (a priceless Christmas relic on loan from the Church) is stolen, Queen Margaret and Princess Stacy enlist the help of Margaret's infamous cousin Fiona (all three played by Vanessa Hudgens) to help steal the Star back. Fiona in turn recruits her former friend Peter (played by Remy Hii), who owns a private security firm, to help the team in their Mission Impossible-like heist. Indeed, this one has a bit of a Mission Impossible and Entrapment (the one with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones) feel to it. The script, I thought, was well written, in line with the other movies in the Princess Switch series. The dialogue was amusing at times, with several funny one-liners by Fiona such as No worries, royal six-pack; How's my fave cuzzie-in-law; Am I late for brekkie; Don't you trust me Royal boo; Pay attention, Betty Crocker. The writers also developed a backstory for Fiona in this one, which comes full circle at the end with a couple of touch scenes between Fiona and her mother, and Fiona and Peter. I might even have shed a tear or two. And, of course, it would not be the Princess Switch without another switch this time around. What makes this all work on screen is the acting. Hudgens's performance, in her multiple roles, again was brilliant. And the performances of the supporting cast, the Princess Switch regulars, were also very good this time around. The film also had a great Christmas vibe to it, with a nice soundtrack to boot. I can't forget Fiona's outrageous getup and flashy style. There was even some sexy tango in this one. May I have a Candy cane Martini, please? They look yummy. Overall, though a bit silly at times, I found myself taken in by the film. This is an entertaining new edition to the Princess Switch series and Netflix's Christmas movie line-up this season. Fans will no doubt enjoy it.

Reviewed by managementbykristi / 10

It was fun

If you go into it knowing it's just a fun little movie, you'll enjoy it. Perhaps not as good as the 1st but definitely better than the 2nd. Really nice to see the recurring cast.

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