The Quest

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James Remar as Quill
Jean-Claude Van Damme as Spectator in First Dance Sequence
Louis Mandylor as Frank
Roger Moore as Jasper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10 / 10

Variety Of Fighters, Nice Colors Made This Fun To Watch

Although it took four viewings before I finally lowered my rating of this from "9" to "8,", I suspect I will still watch this lame-brain action flick a few more times and enjoy it. That's because it offers a great mixture of fascinating fighters in the tournament that covers most of the final 40 minutes of the movie; is a modern-day martial-arts action film with almost no swearing and no sex; and offer some tremendous scenery in the first half of the film as Jean Claude Van Damme and company travel to the Far East for this "World's Greatest Fighter" tourney. That tourney is a lot of fun to watch except that it got carried away in the final bout, of course, that went on almost as long as all the preliminary bouts! However, the filmmakers were smart to make all the contestants totally different with different styles, making each one fun to watch. You didn't see the same thing each fight. There was everything from a huge Sumo-type wrestler to a little guy who imitated a monkey and a snake jumping and slithering around the ring. By the way, these were real guys, not actors imitating fighters. The photography is magnificent, far better than you would except. The colors are beautiful and the Thailand scenery spectacular. The movie benefits from a classy actor like Roger Moore joining the cast, too. Yeah, it's stupid in parts, but it's fun and highly recommended for first-time viewers who don't know the outcome of the bouts.

Reviewed by Slaphammer1 9 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly good

This film is a lot better than I expected, and much better than the other imdb comments would imply. You can essentially split this movie in half, with the first half being an adventure movie and the second half being a fight competition. I actually liked the adventure portion a lot more than the fight competition, which is surprising since I like stuff like Bloodsport (the fight part of The Quest is essentially a higher-budget version of Bloodsport). At any rate, this movie is great visually -- it's filmed in a lot of exotic locations. I also thought the direction was great...there were some interesting shots that really impressed me for Van Damme's first directorial effort. The story kinda moves along too quickly and there are a couple parts where this strains the believability of the story (such as how easy it is for Van Damme to get the fight invitation/map from the boxer), but these are easily overlooked and don't really detract much. I went into this expecting it to be low-budget and fairly dumb, but I was surprised at the lavish production and the fact that it has an actual story which I find more interesting than the fighting.

Reviewed by The__Watcher 9 / 10 / 10


I am a Jean-Claude Van Damme Fan and have to say this is a 'Damme' good film. Doesn't the film remind you of 'Bloodsport'? Well this has a good story about Chris who wants to get the golden dragon and ends up in a tournament for the dragon. The fight scenes aren't that violent as most people would want to see. But it is an Epic, with a dramatic story. Roger Moore even acts in it gives a 'Bond' type entrance to his name. Overall this is a great film which shall not be missed by all fans. Van Damme is the man!

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