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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by waterstradtc 3 / 10 / 10

Hard to follow due to many actor changes

So basically it is all new cast except the same Katie as The Confession. I had a hard time with this one because every actor was changed so trying to figure out who is who and then trying to reimagine the character as the new actor was hard. Also, this movie was terribly predictable. I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I won't tell you why it is predictable. I wouldn't watch it again.

Reviewed by Reno-Rangan 7 / 10 / 10

The puzzle pieces of romance.

The third and final film, based on the Beverly Lewis' 'The Heritage of Lancaster County' novel trilogy. This was an unexpected watch. I mean I was not going to watch these films. But I had a short time, so I had to pick a short film and television films are always less than 90 minutes long. Once I saw the first, I could not leave behind the remaining two. After all it was not a bad watch. If you are like close enough to 30 or above that, you will find these films decent. Because that's what life is about. You are mature enough to understand them. Ten years ago definitely I would have not enjoyed them as of now. As I've mentioned in the previous review, that I did not know what to expect from it. For me, the actual story had ended in the previous part itself. This was just an extension, extension of Katie Lapp's new world's new life. Surely some people would be very interesting to know how she makes her new lifestyle. Because there's a lot to learn, especially being too kind in this tough world. Every step forward is a new lesson. Anyway, she has trusted people all around her. What she now needs is a man and his unending love and care. After inheriting wealth from her mother, now herself entangled in a new situation. The first film was about unveiling the truth, followed by in the second, she reconnected with her root, and now the romance. It's a three way romance, she does not know whom to choose. Caught between past and present, the film focused on her journey of self-discovery. She's helping those who needs it. Besides, it helped her to realise what her heart says. In the end, it all ended up happily as always for a Hallmark film. -xX] I think before you make a future with Justin, you need to make peace with your past. [Xx- To watch it on an average day, it won't be that bad. But if you pick it with lots of expectations, then you are in a wrong film. The families would approve it easily. Yet this third film was not as good as previous two. Because the romance theme they have used in this was so common in most of the same themes. What uplifted the film was those orphan segments. It had told some meaningful aspect of the wealthy people with a good heart. And that's the that, the film did not impress me on the overall. One of the reasons was, again, the casting. Three films and each time a bunch of new actors stepped-in on someone's role we were very used to. I know what you might be thinking. It's not Katie Lapp, but some supporting characters. Katie's Amish parents particular. The original actors were brilliant. They never had more scope for their parts, but I loved them in their short span. It was too late to switch to a new pair. So, I felt out of synch with the narration when their parts came in. I have never seen a trilogy that messed up like this. My pick is the middle one. I liked the second film very much. But the first was decent and expected to end the trilogy in a same way. Despite re-cast, the actors were good. At least they should have stuck with the same director. Though this director was okay. Another thing is, the end. That's not what I'd expected, but that's fine for not giving what the viewers had expected, but it did make sense, except leaving a bad impression on Katie of what she has chosen. I mean not the man, but what kind of life. So my conclusion is, this part was least decent in the series. But as a trilogy not bad for once trying. 6/10

Reviewed by youngandrestless12345 7 / 10 / 10

It was ok

Third movie in the Trilogy. The main male actors have changed and that makes this one not as good. Someone from Katie's past show up and that's handled pretty badly. Also, Daniel never tells her he left a letter for her mother to find (2nd movie). That was a pretty important thing to leave out.

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