The Return of Swamp Thing

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Heather Locklear as Jean Hamilton
Louis Jourdan as Narrator
Monique Gabrielle as Reena the Seer / Princess Evie
Sarah Douglas as Dracula's Wife
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MyKingIsYeshua 10 / 10 / 10

I Assure You, It Was Intended As Camp

In regard to some of the other reviews of this film posted here on IMDB, I would like to say: lighten up! Does this film capture the quaint Cravenesque sci-fi ambiance of the first movie? Of course not. Nor does it capture the dreary, macabre vision of the Alan Moore comic books. What we have here is a perfect lovely late 80's fantasy/comedy about a seven foot plant man. If you look at it objectively, perhaps your vision would not be so skewed. Now, you may think that I (Daniel Emery Taylor, featured in the film as "Darryl") might be slightly biased. I assure you, it's a possibility. However, you must know that the movie was filmed in fun and meant in fun. From every one-line groaner to every silly sexual innuendo, it was all planned and perpetrated. To see how serious we were, take a look at the video/DVD cover art. To give a summary of the movie: Swamp Thing returns to thwart Dr. Arcane's plot for immortality. It's a basic semi-superhero movie plot. From there, Swampy falls in love with Arcane's daughter, has some great fighting sequences, comes through a faucet, drives a jeep, takes pictures with these two ADORABLE kids (and they're really terrific actors, too ... honesty!), and blows stuff up. If you're a fan of B-movies, as I am, you're likely to enjoy this. There are plenty of laughs, both intentional and unintentional. The acting is what you would expect, and the effects are really quite good for its day. This is not a movie you have to ponder or concentrate on. Its subtle social messages and troubled postmodern imagery will not haunt you for days. It's simple fun.

Reviewed by Vampenguin 5 / 10 / 10

Highly Enojyable, Intentionally Cheesy B-Movie

Every once in awhile, a sequel is a million times better than the original. This is just such a sequel! If you look up my review for Swamp Thing, you'll see that I didn't care to much for it. This, on the other hand, was great! They decided to go with the over-the-top comic-book style that the original skirted, which made the movie a lot more enjoyable. The effects improved greatly, the creatures in this actually looked like some effort was put into them! I especially liked the updated Swamp Thing costume, made him look a lot better and more intimidating. Louis Joudan was thankfully back, and his character, Dr. Anton Arcane, was even better than ever! His step-daughter Abby, played by Heather Locklear, was one of many great comic relief characters, along with the bumbling head of security named Gunn, and many others. The side plot with two kids trying to get Swampy's picture was a tad annoying, but it had it's amusing moments. Overall, this was a great intentionally cheesy B-movie, that you really should check out! 8/10

Reviewed by handleyr 5 / 10 / 10

Possibly better than the original...

Return of the Swamp Thing takes the best aspect of the original Wes Craven cult classic (its camp value) and also the worst (its discontinuity with the comics) to produce an exceedingly silly and over-the-top film that ranks right up there with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in terms of sheer comic-bookish hilarity. The casting works surprisingly well, despite the use of B- and C-list actors. Dick Durock, once again, brings far more class to the role of the Swamp Thing than the writing would seem to allow. And Louis Jordan, while completely unlike the Arcane seen in the comics in every way, is deliciously brilliant in every villainous role he's every played (see Octopussy as an example of a brilliant Jordan performance in an otherwise uninspired movie). Plus, what's not to love about Heather Locklear? Sure, she's missing Abby's Transylvanian accent from the comic. Sure, she portrays Abby as far more airheaded than she was in the comic. And sure, she's not wearing comic-book Abby's trademark jean cutoffs and read shirt. But this is Heather Locklear, folks, and she more than makes up for it every time she smiles. (Hey, I'm reviewing a corny movie...what better way to do so than to make corny statements?) Rumors abound that we might someday see a new Swamp Thing film, this time built around the landmark origin story Alan Moore brought to the character. We can only hope. In the meantime, both Swamp Thing films (while hardly high cinema) are still great B-movie fun. Make yourself some popcorn, check 'em both out and be sure to leave your brain in the swamp. Rich Handley Roots of the Swamp Thing

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