The Ridiculous 6


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Western

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Adam Sandler as Self
Danny Trejo as Roy Casares
Nick Nolte as Jack Cates
Sadie Sandler as Lobby Strong Sadie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by neil-476 7 / 10 / 10

Silly but funny

White Knife was born Tommy Stockburn, but was raised by the Apaches after his mother was murdered. Having encountered his natural father, he has to raise money in order to ransom him. In the course of this, he discovers that he has a number of half-brothers, and they join him on his quest. The synopsis of this Netflix original sounds like a standard traditional western: this Adam Sandler vehicle is anything but. A large and stellar cast joins Sandler on his quest, and take pleasure in making themselves look foolish as they deliver an indiscriminate barrage of humour: sight gags, poo gags, anachronism gags, genre spoofing gags, even the occasional witty gag. This film made me laugh more than it should have, probably, and there were three things I liked in particular. One, it made me care about the characters. Two, Sandler played the central character absolutely straight. Three, Taylor Lautner was a revelation as dim-witted brother little Pete. I've had little time for him as teen hunk, but he is hysterical in this. I loved it.

Reviewed by accountsgds 7 / 10 / 10

Film critics need not review

Adam Sandler has been making movies for over 20 years now, yet even with this extensive body of work to draw on, the self-proclaimed film connoisseurs and cinema "artistes" still feel the need to fumble at the jaw to proclaim how awful he is... seriously? Sandler movies are dumb fun, but the bottom line is they're fun. They're stupid, deliberately silly and at times over the top, that's the point. If someone doesn't get that by now, the problem is clearly with you, not Sandler. This movie was FREE on Netflix, as in you didn't pay sh*t to watch it and could have watched anything else. So leave Sandler alone, could ya? He makes fun movies with a wide cast of talent who clearly are having fun themselves in making silly entertainment. Casting Vanilla Ice as a rapping Mark Twain was hysterical. Steven Zahn as the wanna-be gang member, very enjoyable. Abner Doubleday making up the game he says he is "inventing" is the kind simple humor the world needs more of. Bottom line, if you've seen the Magnificent 7 (or even if you haven't) and have even the slightest soft spot for Sandler's brand of simple, dumb humor, you should enjoy this movie. Unlike most of the IMDb reviewers here, Sandler has no pretensions, but delivers fun, enjoyable, and yes - at time dumb humor with a heart. It's called entertainment, and this movie delivered.

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10 / 10

Not that bad - mix of lol and crude

Alternately laugh out loud and very low brow crude jokes, I kind of enjoyed about 60% of this Netflix comedy by Adam Sandler. It's not as consistently funny as "A Million Ways to Die in the West" but it has it's moments. Some jokes are funny then there are some very bad jokes that fall flat. But the good jokes are enough to make this comedy worth one watch. The location filming in New Mexico is highly scenic. Each one of the comedians is good. Surprisingly Taylor Lautner is very funny as the halfwit. Looks like he can do comedy from now on. Rob Schneider is good as the half Mexican. Nick Nolte is suited to his role as father to the band of half brothers. There was some controversy about portrayal of Apaches but I don't think it's warranted. They were not portrayed in a negative light rather the opposite. Worth one watch.

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