The Ruins


Adventure / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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April 8, 2019



Jena Malone as Mindy
Laura Ramsey as Stacy
Shawn Ashmore as Connor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shadowfax73 4 / 10 / 10

Too grim

Some years ago I read the novel this was based on and I have to say it left a real bitter taste in my mouth - too depressing, too intense and too obvious that it would not have a happy ending. I figured that, as usual, the movie would be inspired by the book and go in its own direction. The movie follows the book about as closely as any movie has and has the same oppressing sense of doom all the way through. If you are a gore fan,enjoy. I personally was left with the same depressed feeling as I had with the book.

Reviewed by hellholehorror 3 / 10 / 10

Too annoying

It looked nice. The blacks were crushed and the whites too hot but that seems the style now and it looks fine. I would have rather seen it in high-def due to the lovely landscapes but I'm not that arsed. I liked the sounds actually. The sound effects were convincing and the music was unnoticeable (so it must have done its job). It has the slowest pacing. The most shocking scene is where the guy is shot but that takes place early on and is soon forgotten amongst rather boring plant attacks. To be fair there are some gross bits but it is not enough to stop is being boring. The characters are too annoying and you want them to die. There is no emotional attachment. It reminded me of Hostel (2005) in structure. For a horror film it is not scary. It's not even that gory or anything. It is boring though!

Reviewed by kyledavisonline 3 / 10 / 10

A welcomed spin on an otherwise stereotypical story

The overall story-arc is your stereotypical mad-mad in the woods thriller. The plot contains various reference to the typical style we've come to love and hate in horror films. However, this movie places a nice twist on the sub-plot. Whiles the teens are up to something they should not be, the monster in the dark isn't quite what you except. We don't see a mad bunch of hillbillies, or creatures with no origin. It stays clear of a supernatural entity or a more basic mad man of the seventies era. We instead, see Mother Nature take her seeds within the story and character. A welcomed change. If you're looking for a good, suspenseful horror, then I would strongly advise looking elsewhere. The horror is scares to say the least. You would find more fright in a Scooby-Doo movie and more suspense in their long running TV shows, then in any part of this film. I found myself firmly planted back in my seat, and never coming to the edge of my chair. The films need it pass on moments where they could play to the suspense, leaves the viewer feeling cheated and unsurprised at the ending. The gore within this film is brief and used mainly to further develop the story arc. The scenes are plentiful in blood and certainly make feel the need to glance away from your screens. While the amputation scene leaves much to be desired, the film more than make up for it with one of the female leads slow battle with insanity and downward spiral into cutting herself. The sexual conduct of this film is split on me. While I enjoyed the placement of nudity and welcomed the change of not having to see every female nude, for god only knows what reason. This film places a brief nude scene, while implying sexual conduct. Having said that, there is one scene that raises more questions that answered, as a female leads, give a hand job to her surprised boyfriend, following events that make you question why? It severed no purpose to the story, nor showed nothing more than a hand below the sheets, and even came following character deaths. Overall, the writing felt bland, but at points creative. The characters where un-relatable and forgettable. If felt very much like a small budget indy film, and left the viewer wondering just what it all meant. With little playing to its intended genre, I would strongly advise watching, only as a last resort.

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