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Fredric Lehne as David Breslin
Peter Fonda as Rodney
Sarah Paulson as Luci Baines Johnson
Wendell Pierce as Slick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TonyMontana96 4 / 10 / 10

Yet another poor choice from Nicholas Cage.

(Originally reviewed: 08/01/2017) Nicolas cage is yet again starring in films with scripts that do not deserve his brilliance. The Runner is by far better than previous efforts like the abysmal Tokarev and the unwatchable Left Behind. Cage of course gives a solid performance and the supporting cast are decent, among it are Peter Fonda (Ghost Rider), Connie Nielson (The Devil's Advocate), and Sarah Paulson (What Women Want). The second half is a lot better than the first but still mediocre with some real unintentionally laughable scenes like when cage's sex scandal is revealed and he says to his wife "come on baby let's go to bed" and she slaps him, but what did he really expect? However there are positives such as when Fonda (His alcoholic father) and Cage exchange some real good dialogue and when Cage is alone, you can feel some sympathy for his character. All in all though I think The Runner is overwhelmed by a lot of mediocre writing and a monotonous storyline.

Reviewed by tfmiltz 4 / 10 / 10

Wow- surprise to me.

I STILL may think Nicholas Cage's career is over based on many recent movies... But I dare say- this was possibly I think - he's best performance ever. I didn't even know it was Cage. The story is terrific. The line his father gives is HILARIOUS - 'Ya know what I say- F em - F the press - F the admin - and hell- F the people'... I spent EASILY 25 minutes in my kitchen mastering that line. This movie has merit The acting ? I really really REALLY enjoy - it's EASY to find Cage's wife cold - made me think of House of Cards- CAREER brokered marriage and then - the phony guilt. Cage's wife in this movie helps me realize- THROW GENDER OUT THE WINDOW - people SIMPLY CHASE POWER - HUMAN BEINGS CHASE POWER - doesn't matter - male- female - POLARITY - ANYTHING HUMAN BEINGS CHASE POWER That said I have to finish watching this one... Only 1/3 of the way through. FINALLY- REDEMPTION to witness Cage DOING SOMETHING MEANINGFUL and BEYOND himself - I still think his career is over- BUT JUST MAYBE - he'll find a rare opportunity to really shine as an actor as in this movie. NO IDEA WHY or HOW it's below 5 on ratings. I give it a 10. MatchStick Men ? CLOSE for Cage I don't - nor ever will know Nicholas Cage- we're all JUST people end of day- but - I REALLY like his work here - and in a FEW productions he's had opportunity to connect with in the past. I forget WHO it was - actor - that said- the ONLY GOAL is - to TELL THAT STORY. Cage does that here. Guy who plays his father is TOPS.

Reviewed by Desertman84 4 / 10 / 10

Lacks Depth To Tell A Better Story

A year ago,I wrote in the review of the movie Left Behind starring Nicolas Cage about the lead actor's reasons for doing movies.He was interviewed a few years back and he stated that he did it for two reasons: he has great appreciation for the script like Leaving Las Vegas or he did it to pay the bills. Just like Left Behind, Cage once again did a movie entitled The Runner to pay the bills. This political drama made by first time director Austin Stark stars Cage together with Connie Nielsen,Peter Fonda,Sarah Paulson and Wendell Pierce.It tells the story of a politician Congressman Colin Price,who was forced to confront his life after he was expose on a sex scandal during the aftermath of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.To redeem himself,Price tries to work as a probono attorney to the people affected by the spill. Despite of having a talented cast that includes Cage,too bad that the viewers are treated to the overly familiar political melodrama themes of a exposed politicians trying to get redemption in the end. No question that the story would be clichéd and predictable in the end as we all know that Price will get his redemption.Cage had a great performance but the character became overly familiar for many viewers.Also,it lacked the qualities of becoming a thought provoking movie considering that it lacks the depth providing a better character study of Price and the issue of the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf Of Mexico.

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