The Sandlot: Heading Home


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asherkyle-2 7 / 10 / 10

An improvement over the second

Having a baseball-crazy 7-year-old who has watched the original perhaps 17 times and had the critical acumen to describe the second Sandlot movie — which had baseball as an afterthought —as "stupid," this is an improvement. It's actually about sandlot baseball, with some solid themes about teamwork, friendship and loyalty. And, while still dumb, it has enough entertainment value to be watchable. The lift from "Back to The Future," is patently obvious, but by establishing with an ultra-prima-donna major leaguer and transferring his repellent personality intact to his 12 year old de-resurrection, his character development is credible within a lot of swirling silliness, and is sometimes moving. Tolerable for adults, the DVD is one that little leaguers will devour.

Reviewed by jltydor 9 / 10 / 10

family fun

This is a wonderful entertainment for the entire family. Makes up for the missteps of Sandlot 2. Gone is the Bad News Bears type of infatuation with cursing and back are the endearing characters and wholesome entertainment. It catches enough of the time period, 1976, to help the adults relive their own memories and gives the younger audience plenty with which to identify and all will be rooting for the "home team". The story centers around the theme of second chances. The protagonist, Tommy, is a selfish major league ballplayer who puts his personal goals ahead of his team. A freak accident sends him back to 1976 as a 12 year old boy. Here he gets recruited to play on a team with his friends on the old sandlot. A greedy developer is eager to begin tearing down the sandlot and put up "money making" condos. There are passionate pleas to save the sandlot. The city council is unable to make a decision. Eventually, the developer offers a challenge to Tommy and his friends. If they can beat a team of superior players on their way to the league championships, he will let them keep the lot. The pressure is on Tommy and his team. Good, solid family fun.

Reviewed by amalmer 9 / 10 / 10

Fun Movie

I personally love the first Sandlot, and didn't hate the second one. Many people complained the second one was too copy-cat, and ruined the first movie. For this reason, I think many people will decide not to watch this film, as they only expect the worst. The Sandlot 3, however, is very different from the original, and is as well-acted as the first. Tommy, a cocky pro baseball player, is sent back to re-live his childhood when he is struck by a baseball. He has the mind of his 41 year old self, but is in his own 12-year old body. He learns many lessons along the way, and changes the course of his whole life. It's a familiar story line, but it works. It was really fun to see the original actor who played Squints back in this movie! I thought all of the child actors did a good job, especially Keneau Pires (Tommy...who is very good-looking, by the way=]) And Alexander Ludwig (EJ) I think those two did especially well with their roles. Most people probably are familiar with Ludwig, but Pires was a pleasant surprise. This is a wholesome movie with some funny parts, and is entertaining the whole way through. I would definitely watch the special features. I liked the deleted scene, and the video montage with Ludwig and Pires.Overall this movie is an improvement over the second, and definitely is in league with the first one. I watched this with a group of friends (all 16 year olds) and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. Don't let your hatred towards the second Sandlot film stop you from seeing this one.

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