The Scarehouse

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by draftdubya 1 / 10 / 10

Pure garbage

It's more entertaining to watch a monkey eat its turds than watch this. I found this crap on Showtime. Showtime and Canada should be ashamed of even being involved in this mess. The story line is so dumb you just won't care who dies. Stupid story of revenge for something so petty. I'm as liberal as can be, but I had to smack the side of my face because, my eyes rolled to the back of my head when they said "Red State"(These people are from farking Canada).

Reviewed by junecleavage8 7 / 10 / 10

Typical revenge horror that's fun because it's all women

There's little that's new in the revenge horror genre... but this movie gets extra points from me for its almost entirely female cast.... and for the way it gets you hooked in the central story as the movie goes along. The women here are flawed, angry, deceitful, petty... and the power dynamic feels different from your typical slasher. It's a neat twist on an otherwise well-trodden genre. I thought the acting from the top 3-billed actresses was fine, and they were memorable, which is more than you get from a lot of horror B movies. I liked the revenge storyline. Some of the revenge violence set-pieces felt fresh. There's plenty of cringe-worthy humor, too. At first I showed up for Katherine Barrell (liking her other work), and for horror (a genre I love). I didn't show up for much plot... But I was pleasantly surprised that by about a third of the way through the movie I was suddenly curious to know what happened that fateful evening in the past that led to this smorgasbord of revenge... and what the revenge seekers ultimately wanted from it. The payoff at the end left me thinking about it. Definitely more than I was expecting.

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10 / 10

Solid and rather fun effort

Invited to a Halloween fun-house, a group of sorority sisters finds that the whole affair was orchestrated by recently-released former associates looking to seeking retribution against them for being placed in jail and must find a way to stop their crazed plans. This one wasn't that bad of an effort. One of the more enjoyable efforts here is the fact that this one manages to work in its rather intriguing premise to full effect. While not all that original, this one works best with the concept of bringing the girls together one at a time rather than having them all get taken as a group, which gives this a special touch. That allows this one to go through the group one-by-one in a much more unique and creative manner yet still allows for all the great torture and bloodshed to emerge here. The great opening, where the victim is strapped into a corset with mechanical rigging to tighten it beyond human power that keeps tightening until they lose bodily fluids you wouldn't expect, starts this off until things start getting even worse with the tormenting done on the others. Those are rather fun, with the ones tied up to the board and having their nails, fake eyelashes and implants removed for lying to the later one being taped to the table and left there to witness everything happening around them and the scenes of the two left in the room together and forced to beat each other with acid-filled pillows give this one a series of strong, grisly and somewhat brutal sequences that are highly enjoyable as well as giving this one quite the strong overall pace. Given that these utilize the exceptionally strong and chilling locations of the fun-house where they're being tormented, it gives this one a creepy atmosphere to go along with the brutal antics, and even alongside that is the really chilling scenes of them wandering through the hallways looking to collect them and abduct them as they're still under the false pretenses of their arrival. As well, the action in the final half is exceptionally enjoyable where it features the true revelation of their intentions, the strong final girl who fights back against them in some really enjoyable brawls that show off her great self-defense skills where the main threat is actually outmatched and must resort to other tactics to gain the upper hand. These really hold this one up over its few minor flaws. The biggest issue here is the fact that the main girls have absolutely no need to go on the rampage as the whole concept of their revenge is completely misguided and built on lame reasoning. Why they're targeting the group is rather pointless and makes no sense, and there's nothing that makes us sympathize with anyone involved here for their lame reasoning. Likewise, there's also the fact that the girl is so obviously more skilled than they are means that keeping her around makes them look foolish for not ensuring that everything goes to plan and constantly bringing more chances for it to go wrong. These are what hold it down. Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Brief Nudity and plenty of alcohol consumption.

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