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Reviewed by Features_Creatures 7 / 10 / 10

Epstein-Brain the movie

Through a manic adderall haze you watch 3 young girls fall down the rabbit hole of Epstein and the powerful people who helped him and killed him in a schlocky Italian-slasher inspired thriller. Hints of the Safdie Brothers, which makes sense with the downtown cool kid scene, and Vera Chitlova (daisies). Before I realized it was supposed to essentially be an Argento movie (the score is basically Goblin) I thought some of the acting was weak but once it settles into itself it's great. It's a shame they couldn't do reshoots for that first 15-20 minutes because the performances are going to turn a lot of people off. It has a great Eyes Wide Shut reference I won't spoil.

Reviewed by ee-88042 / 10

Poorly made

Neither suspenseful and self-aware enough to be a gallo film nor clever in its psychological distress of the stripe of Argento, nor as conspiracy-addled as Eyes Wide Shut (despite the material lends itself to a serious search-no Aquino, no Wexner Ohio police force, none of the threads re: Epstein's being a tapped gifted student the likes of Sarfatti; an episode of Subliminal Jihad will take you much further). Nor is the film willing to hurl itself into experimentation and formal editing proper (a Brakhage-esque experiment in conspiracy qua audio-visual editing, like a Project Wandering Soul meets Paul McCarthy, would be genuinely interesting). This is a film that loses its thread early on and lapses into clichés that do not embrace their being clichés, which means the film refuses to be self-referential. It loses the thread in a way that is similar to Jacques Rozier's Maine Ocean, but is not as smartly edited or funny. This ends up looking like the director made a poor film not as a critical exercise with which to playfully challenge but because they simply could not make a good film. The sole saving grace is, at certain points, the lighting. A pity, because the Epstein matter lends itself to cinema. Go watch Francesco Rosi for much more accurate and affecting cinematic portrays of conspiracy. I do hope the director's subsequent film takes up the challenge of making a genuinely good film.

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