The Seasoning House

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April 11, 2019



Anna Walton as Vicki
Rosie Day as Louise
Sean Pertwee as Moorcroft
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Liz 8 / 10 / 10

Why aren't more people talking about this?

This film was not an easy watch. It was not fun or entertaining or even enjoyable. I had to pause every once and a while and take a breather before continuing on, and one MUST be in the right mindset before pressing play. However, without any reservations I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone able to stomach it, and even those unable. "The Seasoning House" follows a human sex trafficking house in 1996 Russia and the young girl forced to care for the teenage girls sold as slaves. A real, visceral, horrifying reminder that trafficking is is an absolute issue in the world today and that it is occurring at this very moment. If you can stomach it, I highly encourage you watch this and consider donating to an organization that helps prevent and shut down this disgusting trade. *We are not talking about human trafficking enough. We are not doing anything to change it. Change MUST come.*

Reviewed by mostafaabdalraheem 8 / 10 / 10

fantastic,powerful movies

this movies made my day .it is a surprize. good story good act show the super power of man. Rosie Day is an absolute revelation. She is incredible as Angel and, although she doesn't utter a single word, her face tells us everything and we are never lost as to what Angel is feeling. It's notable that this is also Day's feature film debut. As such, and based on her performance here, I would expect to see a lot more of her in the is really a super girl

Reviewed by saleemmakhoul 8 / 10 / 10


The Seasoning House is one of the most original movies I've watched in a long time. In these times it's really rare to see a horror/thriller movie with a solid acting, strong directing and good characters development. Not to forget the moving story that actually makes you care about the characters. And The Seasoning House succeed in doing that. When I watched this movie I didn't have much in mind to look forward, but fortunately, The Seasoning House exceeded my expectations. I have to warn you, this movie is harsh, intense and really dark. With some sad and shocking scenes. It's not for everyone to watch. Definitely worth a watch!

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