The Selfish Giant

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by victordelavieter 8 / 10 / 10

Painfully realistic

While I'm writing this, The Selfish Giant is on Dutch TV. It is one of those British productions which comes so close to realism it makes you wonder if the actors actually exist as people. There isn't much hope in this world a violence and desperation. Even the friendship between the two young outsiders runs into trouble. Adults are mostly brutes, though one broken down mother still tries to give love. This is no easy watching, though the barren city landscape is shown with an eye for Gothic beauty. The camera even sees art in a heap of scrap metal. The two destitute boys with their pony cart for collecting and stealing copper wire and refuse hobbling along on the motorway make the world of people with money and motor cars seem eerily far off. This is what good filming can do. A great addition to the Ken Loach-style of realism and a shocking view on the caste society still alive in England where the poor will always be poor and the rich don't care.

Reviewed by Keith Salmon 5 / 10 / 10

Bleak Is Beautiful

The best films I have seen recently have been directed by visionary female directors. Clio Barnard's The Selfish Giant is a bleak but beautiful masterpiece that, through its elegiac settings and panoramas and its understated central performances manages to excoriate the ravages of capitalism without speeches and sermons. The comparisons with Kes are fitting - not just in terms of the harsh Yorkshire setting, but in the way both films use small details in seemingly humdrum lives to make profound observations about society's iniquities. You don't want to overload such a composed, assured and (in the best sense) quiet film with hyperbole but, for all it's still-life framing and underplay, some of The Selfish Giant's themes of fate and misfortune are Shakespearean. It's completely fair to call this film a modern classic.

Reviewed by dukeakasmudge 5 / 10 / 10

The Selfish Giant

***Spoilers Ahead*** Damn, talk about sad & depressing, this movie was sad & depressing from start to finish.This is a movie I'll watch 1 time & 1 time only.I hoped that something good would come out of it but nothing ever did.I hoped that nothing would happen to either of the 2 boys but something does.I saw it going that way but I was hoping I'd be wrong.The Selfish Giant was a good movie but definitely not something you'd watch more than once unless you're trying to depress yourself.If the director was trying to make me feel some type of way with this movie then he definitely got what he wanted.If this movie doesn't make you feel some type of way then there might be something wrong with you.I don't know how anybody can watch it & not feel something at all.The Selfish Giant wasn't just sad & depressing but at times, bleak, brutal & tough to watch

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