The Sender


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pwhen 2 / 10 / 10

What a waste of time

I can't remember why I started watching this movie, but some where during it I lost the will to live! It may have been during the appalling car chase sequences, you have to watch it to see just how bad they are. Can someone tell Hollywood that a Porche 911 will be way faster than a GMC truck on a country road, on any road. It may have been the terrible special effects, even for a low budget movie they were poor, leftovers from the 1970's possibly. The dialogue was trite, the story line infantile, face it there's good sci-fi and not so good sci-fi but this is bargain basement sci-fi. The support cast, Steven Williams was totally unconvincing, R. Lee Ermey was hamming it up with abandon, Dyan Cannon was on auto pilot, of the support Robert Vaughn was the best but then he was pretty much playing Robert Vaughn. Of the leads Shelli Lether looked to be an eye candy distraction and little else and Michael Madsen most of the time looked embarrassed, as he delivered his dialogue with a look of a man who's agent had signed him up for this. All in all, I saw it for free on a satellite movie channel and felt cheated.

Reviewed by Vomitron_G 4 / 10 / 10

I should flunk this for not showing us Shelli Lether naked.

How do you recognize it's director Richard Pepin messing around with the sci-fi genre? You'll be getting a LOT of car chases, crashes & explosions. And it's no different with this Michael Madsen vehicle. Madsen & alien beauty Shelli Lether are on the run for those darn evil military folks and decide to strike back with a vengeance because those same folks have kidnapped Madsen's daughter who happens to possess cosmic forces the likes of which mankind's evolution has yet to see. The sentimental gibberish was a bit too much in this one. The plot is far-fetched, inconsistent and doesn't bother to explain a lot of things. Most things that happen, just happen to keep the action going, throwing all sense of logic out the window by doing so. Nevertheless, I didn't even want my 100 minutes back after (re-)watching this. What I did want, is to have seen Ms. Lether show us that full frontal skin that she did show to Madsen. Grrr. I can't possibly believe a movie this tame (in the gore, violence & nudity department) ever received an R-rating. But in the end we do get to see a spaceship and some crappy CGI aliens. Wow, amazing stuff! No, not really.

Reviewed by mergatroid-1 4 / 10 / 10

I watched the whole

I just have to say this: The worst thing about this movie was Michael Madsen acting. Does this guy even have any expressions? During the entire movie the feeling I got from him was "yeah, so?". Never excited, never raises his voice, never acts like any more than a cardboard cutout. The movie would have been a lot better if he wasn't in it. Overall, this movie wasn't quite as bad as some of the others would have you believe. I had just bought 4 stinkers to watch during the weekend (I like watching bad movies). This movie was the best of the lot (which tells you how bad the other movies were). In this movie, aliens can travel anywhere because their females have a "sender gene". They had made sure that over the years no humans with this gene were allowed to continue on, although they never explain exactly how that was accomplished. Enter Michael Madsen's character and his daughter, who of course has the gene. The government wants her, and the aliens are trying to strengthen her gift because they accidentally killed her grandfather. The hottie alien in this case has gotten to know humans and now believes they aren't as bad as previously thought. So, we have (too many) gun battles where Michael Madsen likes to hold his gun sideways like an idiot "gangsta" or something. They never run out of ammo (hey, isn't that so last century?). Of course, no one but the heroes ever hit anything even though they are up against soldiers with M16s. Speaking of soldiers, they should have gotten them uniforms that fit. They looked pretty dumb. Also too many car chases where our heroes always get away. This could have been a good movie. There were some good actors in it, and overall the acting was OK (except for Michael Madsen). Also, they should have gotten rid of the bleached blond black guy with the one earring who was supposed to be in charge. He was a horrible actor, and his "look" didn't fit the part at all. He looked like he should be dressing the performers back stage at a theatrical stage show. The best actor in the movie (and I guess he's a bit of a character actor) was R. Lee Ermey as the bad ass Colonel Rosewater, but I've never seen him be bad at any part he's played. Got nothing to do? Bored? Only movie in the $3 bin you haven't seen? Buy it and watch it once. Better than nothing.

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