The Shallows

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Blake Lively as Stephanie Patrick
Brett Cullen as Sgt. Nickerson
Óscar Jaenada as Alférez Gorriamendi
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bmyers22 3 / 10 / 10

I was with you until the shark turned into a stalker

This movie started out well. A very attractive woman surfing on a beautiful, secluded beach. There was some great cinematography and shots of the area. Blake Lively even seems to be a decent actress. Then the shark stuff starts, and from the very beginning, we have to forget about everything we know about sharks and play pretend. First of all, she really ticks off the shark somehow by disturbing its "feeding grounds." She approaches a dead whale that the shark was feeding on and seems to have offended the shark somehow. So the shark ignores the thousands of pounds of floating, dead meat in the water for the rest of the movie, and pursues the 100 pound surfer girl exclusively. The surfer seeks refuge on the carcass of the whale, then the shark drags a dead whale many times its size further out into the ocean, and seems hell bent on knocking her off. In her escape from the floating whale to a small rock outcropping, she's bitten by the shark, and has some serious wounds from both the bite and coral. The shark is circling her, she's bleeding heavily, and there's no one around who can help. At this point, I'm still willing to forgive the whole shark ignoring the dead whale to pursue a person who isn't even in the water any more. It still felt suspenseful. I wanted her to find a way out and survive. The movie still had my interest and I still cared what happened to her. Then things got real, real stupid. The shark continued to circle, and killed a drunk on the beach who was trying to reach her. Then it killed two other surfers that she'd met the day before. It tried jumping up on the coral to reach her, and pretty much completely stopped acting like a shark. She managed to escape to a buoy as the tide came in, and the shark proceeded to rip the giant, steel buoy to pieces. She shoots the shark with a flare gun then lights whale oil in the water on fire with it, also lighting the shark on fire. I had already written off the movie at this point, but kept watching as I was already close to the end. She then ties herself to the anchor that was holding the buoy in place, and as the shark breaks the chains away she is pulled hundreds of feet under water in the matter of a couple of seconds, and the shark chases her at full speed with reckless abandon to kill her. It ends up impaling itself on the jagged spikes which were apparently part of the anchor. And yea, that was it. A stranded, wounded surfer with nothing kills an over 20 foot long shark by making it chase her into spikes. Dumb. You know what would have been good? A wounded surfer on a small rock outcropping tries to keep her sanity and get help to survive a shark attack. Leave out the dead whale because that kind of made the rest of the movie not make sense. Don't make a wounded, half dead surfer kill a 20+ foot shark, that's not the victory that the movie needed. It would have been sufficient to have her survive. You don't have to schlock it up with the typical Hollywood type ending. Sharks are scary enough, you don't have to make it cartoonish shark with a vendetta against a surfer. Every time the shark did something stupid that a shark would never do, it became less suspenseful. I don't know why they went down that road, but they turned a movie that started out pretty suspenseful into a SciFi Channel made for TV special with a dumb ending.

Reviewed by mkivtt 3 / 10 / 10

This plot has more holes in it than Swiss cheese

I wanted to like this movie, but it's just so stupid I can't. I love the beautiful bay and the long shots showing how pretty it is. But problem 1: where are the waves? There aren't any! It's clear that the actual surfing shots were filmed elsewhere. Come on... you don't surf on a beach with no waves. Sigh. Other problems: 2. A shark that size bites you, and all you have is a tiny nick in your leg? 3. There's a juicy fat whale carcass right there, but the shark is only interested in bony human beings? 4. That whale carcass appeared out of nowhere? She's been surfing there all day, and suddenly turns her head and it's magically 60 feet away? 5. Why would you try to eat a crab after just a few hours? Just nonsensical. 6. The CGI dolphins were quite bad. But not as bad as the fake wound on her leg. I've seen 1980 horror movies with better blood... and they had a $500 budget. 7. The water is clearly shallow, as you can see in the aerial shots. Yet at the end when she sinks to the bottom, it's suddenly 60+ feet deep?! 8. Holding on to that chain would've ruptured her eardrums in seconds because she wasn't equalizing. 9. That shark is dumb enough to swim full force into the bottom of the ocean? 10. Why is there a buoy there, of all places? 11. Am I supposed to believe a beach this nice is right next to Tijuana, within walking distance of drunks, yet there's nobody there, no garbage, nothing? 12. Something tells me you wouldn't have a 4G connection on that beach to stream video on your phone. Sigh. It's a shot, and it's a miss! Wasted opportunity. Watch a re-run of Jaws instead.

Reviewed by mbnumba 3 / 10 / 10

Horrible and unrealistic

I wanted to like this movie. I really did, but its just bad. Basically we have a hot blond chick that gets stranded on a rock with a shark trying to get her. Now here's the biggest flaw in the movie. There is a 2 ton whale that is barely eaten in the same location as this girl. So why is the shark interested in a 90lb woman over a 2 ton whale? Oh not only is this shark after this woman, this shark attempts to climb rocks, go through jellyfish, tries to climb its way through a buoy drone and basically stalk this girl for like two days when it has a nice huge whale right there? That made no sense at all. The next issue is the woman is apparently a superhero since she can suffer massive blood lost, jellyfish stings, dehydration, concussions and yet still swim like an Olympic swimmer by out swimming a great white shark. C'mon.

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