The Siege of Firebase Gloria


Action / Drama / War

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May 31, 2021


Clyde Jones as Coates
R. Lee Ermey as Bill Hafner
Wings Hauser as Van Vandameer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Varlaam 7 / 10 / 10

Refreshingly old-fashioned

An isolated firebase faces human wave assaults from the VC at the start of Tet. This is the Vietnam War just the way we thought or preferred to think about it at the time: the Americans are the good guys, Charlie's the bad guy, South Vietnamese civilians are the ones being protected, everyone loves being in the Corps, inter-service co-operation is something you can always take for granted. The reality was a bit more complicated, but it didn't seem that way to a lot of people then. It's about time the guys who were over there, or sit-at-home strategists back here, got a movie that validates their recollections and good intentions, one that's realistic, but without being too gung ho on the one hand (like "The Green Berets"), or too negative about US involvement on the other (like most other Vietnam films). I don't think I buy this point of view personally anymore, but it's good to have it available as an option. Lee Ermey is totally authentic as always. Wings Hauser is not at that level but he's good enough. The Vietnamese are generally played by Filipinos who don't completely look the part but do a decent job. There's plenty of mayhem for action buffs -- much of the movie looks like the climax from "Glory" (or "Zulu"). Pot-smoking is frowned upon in this one, as is poor grooming (I did say old-fashioned). Everybody does his duty, especially Charlie. The good guys win this time.

Reviewed by elskootero 8 / 10 / 10

I was there - This is like a 'Nam Vet's 2 hour home movie.

This movie is so good it's scary. I'm glad I didn't see it in a theater because I would have freaked out most of the audience! It was like being back there again! Lee Ermey is good but in this one, he is FANTASTIC; Wings Hauser also turns in a superb job as his close friend and is very believable, for a civilian (meaning non-military), and the clown who plays the chopper pilot is so REAL, I couldn't believe that he WASN'T a 'Nam pilot! I spent 16 months over there and was on many Firebases, and was overrun many times and this film over the ensuing years has caused me many flashbacks, but it's so great, I can't help re-watching it again and again - I just don't plan on getting much sleep that night. If you haven't seen it- Do so! It's the best Viet-Nam flick on the market-I think even better than Full metal Jacket, because it's serious to the end.

Reviewed by outpix 8 / 10 / 10

very good despite some subpar dialogue & acting

Gets more and more captivating the longer you watch.

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