The Skeleton Twins

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Bill Hader as Self
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Ty Burrell as Allan Arbus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 6 / 10 / 10

An interesting look at depression and sibling love

'The Skeleton Twins' certainly sounds ominous and depressing from the title and the fact that both siblings, Milo (Hader) & Maggie (Wiig) try to commit suicide within the first 10min of the film - but it's actually not too bleak and has a lot of funny moments throughout. There's definitely some heavy issues the twins discuss/contemplate - cheating, death of a parent, unsupportive other parent, job/money issues - but once they reconnect, they bounce off each other in a very enjoyable-to-watch way, particularly the miming of the Starship song. Quite a few witty remarks throughout and it's not too long at less than 100min. Wilson is good as the too-caring/energetic husband of Maggie's and Burrell is OK as the forbidden ex-boyfriend of Milo's, but it really is the two leads that carry the film and make you invest in them and their decisions. The ending is ultimately uplifting and appropriate.

Reviewed by akoaytao1234 7 / 10 / 10

Awful Twins

I hate this film. To begin with, the titular twins are such a lame and offensive fools that is so so selfishly unaware of every one around them. To make matters worse, the story is no help. It never really show any well-rounded character except the twins that when everyone is gone, you could not care even less to whatever resolution would happen to them. And the most awful part, they try to diffuse these problems of that already awful story with so unfunny and very unnecessary sketches that bugs the overall dark mood of the film. It just meshes it into a big pile of uneven stretches that is kinda uncomfortable to watch. Kinda reminds me of 80's John Hughes , where he writes a film with his ultra-stereotypes character(that always bugs me to my core) and add annoying tropes to fill the empty void. Overall, Skeleton Twins is a pretty awful. It tries to much to impress that it kinda misses it point of self-reflection.Clearly, NOT worth your time [1.5/5]

Reviewed by Movie_Muse_Reviews 7 / 10 / 10

Not the Wiig and Hader comedy you were expecting, but they make this movie work

A film starring Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader that's about battling past demons, fighting against destructive behavior patterns, depression and suicide — the "The Skeleton Twins" will surely confuse and frustrate a lot of comedy fans. Those prepared for or open to something different will find Craig Johnson's film an honest and stirring look at adult struggles. If not for a couple noteworthy improvised scenes, someone unfamiliar with Wiig and Hader would not assume these two were season sketch comedy veterans from "Saturday Night Live." They say comedy comes from a dark place, and perhaps — counter to what viewers might expect from funny people — this is precisely why they settle rather effortlessly into the roles of Maggie and Milo Dean, and the ebb and flow of humorous tones to serious ones feels natural. We are often conditioned to compartmentalize suicide with drama and seriousness, and those who have never considered the dual nature of depression will probably come out of "Skeleton Twins" feeling it was uncomfortable and awkward. The fact that these characters could have fun at all during the film after the first two scenes show an attempted and considered suicide by both leads seems unnatural. For others, Johnson and co-writer Mark Heyman's story will seem more true to life, that the lows and highs, humor and deep vulnerability and coexist in this way. At the film's core is a brother-sister relationship. When Milo attempts suicide, the hospital notifies Maggie, though the two haven't spoken in 10 years. Maggie has Milo come live with her and her husband (Luke Wilson) in the town they grew up in, at least until he can get back in the right place. Their reunion, however, brings out some secrets and issues Maggie has been avoiding, and the two must reconcile the fact that they are both good and bad for each other. The plot works through a number of subplots familiar to independent films of this ilk, which can at times keep things sluggish: Maggie has the hots for her SCUBA instructor while Milo reconnects with a former teacher with whom he had an illicit relationship. These story lines have predictable outcomes, though they do serve the characters well in forcing them to look at their deeper issues. Scenes like the dentist office and an entire karaoke routine to Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" provide needed reprieve from the weightiness of the subject matter, though regrettably they became too much of a focal point of the marketing for the film. Someone figured better to dupe audiences and make a little cash than be forthright about the film's predominantly somber, introspective tone (hence the film's less than favorable popularity ratings). There is a lot of deadpan humor to start, but this is a decisively dramatic film. "The Skeleton Twins" certainly could have been more original in its story and ideas, and the narrative could have been more driven by something other than just Maggie and Milo's ambiguous day to day ups and downs as they deal with their new living situation and later on the fallout from their secrets. However, the character development and dynamics end up sufficiently carrying the weight. Wiig and Hader have long had great comedic chemistry, and it appears to be easily transferable to other genres as evidenced here. Whenever the film gets weighty or stiff, they loosen it up and imbue it with a freshness that makes it worthwhile. ~Steven C Thanks for reading! Visit Movie Muse Reviews for more

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