The Summit


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Christian Slater as Lazer Lord
Elena Anaya as Catalina Bayarri
Ricardo Darín as Comandante Cudilleros
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gripeosd 4 / 10 / 10


Although the movie had some individual not bad elements such as acting, music/atmosphere, photography, the total turned to be really boring and without a central meaning/direction, having mixed a very weak political case with a stronger -but again weak- psychological issue of the president's daughter. You were always waiting for something excited, which never came. Either the script was very poor or the director made it so. Perhaps they should have worked with the film a few weeks more...

Reviewed by bicgus1 6 / 10 / 10

Good film that should have been great.

"La Cordillera" (aka The Summit) is a decent well done flick. But once again (this happening a bit too much lately with local films) I leave the cinema with the uncomfortable feeling that much more could have been done and that if all that was necessary had been done, this title would raise vertically to masterpiece category. All in all, La Cordillera has several aims. One of them is representing politicians for what they actually are: a piece of s**t, and this aim is completely achieved. But short of that, it delves further into a parallel captivating paranormal story, that unfortunately is left without a proper resolution. I can understand the purpose of the director and the writers behind this missing piece; however the same effect could have been reached with the proper work. Oddly enough, and this is something indeed rare, this film which is 1 hour and 54 minutes long, falls short of length: in my personal opinion, this should have been a 3 hour film. I want to highlight the work of one of the two writers, Mariano Llinás, because his style (which I like a lot) is undoubtedly present here. There are two very good films he directed, "Balnearios" and "Historias Extraordinarias" I never forget about, although the latter declines somewhat in the second half. Only good scripts can be expected by this writer, and in the end and with the necessary polishing, extraordinary films are due. La Cordillera will have your attention all the two hours long.

Reviewed by euroGary 6 / 10 / 10

A film that is not sure what it wants to be?

At the conclusion of 'The Summit' the viewer may ask himself "What was the point of that?" Newly-elected Argentine President Hernán Blanco is in a Chilean mountain resort attending a meeting of South American Heads of State to discuss forming an exclusively-South American version of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Hernán commands little respect back home (indeed, if she watches this Theresa May will find distinct parallels) and to make matters worse he is just about to become embroiled in a corruption scandal orchestrated by his embittered son-in-law. His media-sensitive advisers' decision to remove his daughter from the reach of journalists by hauling her to the summit backfires when her mental problems resurface. As well as dealing with her and the conflicting priorities of the strutting President of Brazil and his remarkably foul-mouthed Mexican counterpart, Hernán also becomes an object of interest to the Americans, keen to muscle in on the new organisation. What's a President to do? Oil may be important, but it makes for dreadfully dull discussion at a summit, even with the heavy layer of almost comical anti-Americanism evident here. The sequences involving Hernán's daughter are more interesting, although contribute to the confusion this viewer felt as to the intended purpose of the film: is it a political pot-boiler, or a family melodrama? (Alberto Iglesias' musical score does not help matters: it gets so dramatic and foreboding that at times I was half-expecting an alien to burst out of Hernán's stomach.) Dividing the film between the two strands means neither of them gets enough attention. As played by Ricardo Darín, Hernán comes across as a nice bloke (although if I correctly understood the meaning of his final summit vote that is open to question). He is, at least, a well-rounded character. Almost all the others are merely one-dimensional stereotypes: the cynical and coolly-efficient political advisers, the arrogant politicians, etc. Even Hernán's daughter is presented as little more than a problem - although the viewer can understand her frustration as her personal life becomes subservient to her father's political ambitions - something risked by the children of any politician. Ultimately, what I will remember most about this film is the snow-covered mountain scenery of what was, according to IMDb, Argentina, not Chile. Spectacular.

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