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Meghan Aruffo as Stewardess
Michael McMillian as Winston
Parvesh Cheena as Manju
Rizwan Manji as Justin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by anomac 7 / 10 / 10

Better than one reviewer led me to believe

I went into this movie expecting the worst, after reading another review but was totally surprised by this movie. I enjoyed it, a lot. I do not normally write reviews but I thought I had to add another perspective to the one that nearly made me miss out on watching this movie. Okay it wasn't laugh out loud, though I did find myself chuckling more than half a dozen times, this was a heart warming story about the underdog rising from his position. Not to harrowing heights but to his rightful place. It was about one man uncovering the true treasures in life. Friendship, respect and yes, love. I liked it because it was told from a totally different and quite a quirky perspective. The world is different and this was another side to the multi faceted coin called life. I walked out of this movie with a smile on my face and made me once again believe in the goodness of people. One reviewer had us believe the movie was chaotic but I had no problems following the story as it was simply laid out with its mixture of flashbacks and real time. Set in the late seventies India and America. It showed us another viewpoint. It showed America as a land, people in far off countries, often though of as a place of unlimited opportunities and freedom. Although the reality was far from the truth. It showed a love story that not only felt real, it's a reality for many people facing parental expectations and arranged marriages. This movie also showed us that even though America didn't live up to its initial expectations, it was still a land that offered freedoms that their home countries didn't. It showed them happy in there lot. A place where even a street sweeper owned a car. One reviewer would have us believe that the actors didn't seem to enjoy themselves in the making of this movie yet I felt that is far from the truth. I just saw them having fun with it all under the guise of making this entertaining movie. Will it win an Oscar, no. But it definitely isn't a waste of an hour and a half of your time.

Reviewed by prendj01 10 / 10 / 10

Likable if pedestrian tale!

One reviewer hated this and sure it's no polished Hollywood blockbuster. Yet it is a charming tale about a young man who travels overseas to pursue his dreams and live up to his fathers image. I found it funny and refreshing to watch a movie about a group of non alpha males who want to love and support each other. Remaining optimistic in the face of depressing realities of their daily lives. You won't regret watching this if you like family movies or low humour drama's with a happy ending. Give it a go, you can always switch off or turn over if it's not your thing, but I think you will end up watching it to the end.

Reviewed by safoora-41413 10 / 10 / 10

Great lighthearted comedy with wonderful storyline!

This is a great light hearted comedy that anyone can relate to! It is a beautifully executed storyline that gives you perspective on the struggles of our immigrant relatives. The characters are wonderful and the acting is really well done. This story is exactly what was needed with the current political climate. I truly enjoyed this family friendly movie with a great message!

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