The True Adventures of Wolfboy


Adventure / Crime / Drama

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November 12, 2020



Chloë Sevigny as Mrs. Shepherd
Chris Messina as Jason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ateeshj 5 / 10 / 10

A good coming of age movie.

It's a good movie with great acting specially from Jaeden, but a lot of things in the story didn't make sence.

Reviewed by davidsask 6 / 10 / 10

it Was Neither Here Nor There Something To Watch

The lead male young actor was good actor. Like others reviews, the make-up was great. I was shocked of the girl, not expecting that. The age of both was not expecting where they regularly patrons. The baddie was of course cheesy but played what written well. Have no clue why Chloë Sevigny has first billing as five minutes in film. Don't care if more star, longer in business, past roles, It was deceiving, should be fixed.

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10 / 10

a pranky wolfpack with hairy connections

Special kids means special properties, means strange action to reaction, and most of all a film about being different and not looking like the a4-format that people expects. its a case of severe hyperhirsotism that has struck the main caracter, its a gene-defect-syndrome, that makes the hair grow everywhere and that is actually from day one. its a rare disease but nevertheless its real, and them have to live a life among us sorthaired for the rest of their lives, even though this film have a fun and a sad anglification, where going bananas seems allright, so its a reminder to all of us that life aint easy. i think this film was a bit slow and lame, nothing new genericaly, but the production design and make up artists has done a good job, and the lightworks are excellent..acting are as average as expected, and i feel that the caracterbuilding was abit slim. but its a nice film without profanity or sex or nudity, so it may be a sort of caracterbuilder for small kids as a familydrama. the grumpy old man give 6 even though i know it will become a classic.

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