The Ugly Dachshund


Comedy / Family

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November 11, 2020



Charles Ruggles as Michael J. O'Connor
Dean Jones as Teddy Talbot
Mako as Mori
Suzanne Pleshette as Chris Lockwood
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LCWGringoLoco 10 / 10 / 10

Such a Funny Film

This movie is excellent. Funny gags throughout the film and just a great comedic story. If you are a dog lover than you will be an "Ugly Dachshund" fan. The dogs are adorable and the actors do their part to make this wonderful family comedy. Totally under-rated. I suggest sitting down a group of young kids and asking them what they think of it, I'll bet that the movie keeps their attention from beginning to end. This is a classic Disney movie on the same level as the "Love Bug" series and all of the other great film s released by the company during those years. I recommend "The Ugly Dachshund" to anyone who loves family movies. *****

Reviewed by Acrylic 10 / 10 / 10

As corny as it is, I adore this movie.

A fairy tale update of the classic story, this beautifully art-directed Disney movie in glorious Technicolor, stars Dean Jones at the height of his comedic powers and a very young Suzanne Pleshette. Mark (Jones) adopts Brutus, a lovable oaf of a Great Dane, who, try as he might, can't fit in with Fran's (Pleshette) spoiled prize Dachshunds (think Lady and the Tramp's evil Siamese cats). The film is full of sight gags and slapstick from director Norman Tokar (The Cat from Outer Space, M*A*S*H). In true Disney fashion, the underdog wins out and saves the day.

Reviewed by CindyH 10 / 10 / 10

Best live action film by Disney!

As an adult, I watch it over and over again! This is indeed one of the cutest movies I've ever seen and not to mention the best. If your child likes dogs, this is a MUST see film. Some films involving animals have some terribly sad tragedy included but this film keeps it light and fun. It still contains a happy ending and you'll giggle all the way through!

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