The United States of Leland

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skteboard11 9 / 10 / 10

Way Way Way Under-Rated.

The United States of Leland is a lovable film about a semi-detached kid named Leland P. Fitzgerald. Leland ,played by a very young Ryan Gosling, has an "awkward" look on life to say the least. He never sees his father and his girlfriend is a heroin addict. This movies time-line is all messed up, in all honesty. Though I just told you the beginning of the story, you do not figure any of that out until after half of the movie is over. The true plot comes when Leland, a seemingly gentle person, commits the murder of a special needs kid. The kid was also his girlfriends brother. Well Ex- girlfriend. At this point in the movie, she had already broken little Leland's heart, which maybe one of the only scenes he shows emotion. While he is in juvenile hall, the movie jumps back and forth and seems to be trying to explain why he done what he had done. Leland meets a man who takes an interest in him. He wants to write a book about Leland. He sneaks Leland a pencil and a notebook which Leland titles The United States Of Leland. He constantly writes in this book, and when the movie is concluding, the author wanna-be decides to read the notebook. Leland wrote about how sad the world is, and how he seen the sadness the most in the kid he murdered. Of course, none of this is revealed until Leland is murdered in Juvenile hall by a close family friend to the victim. Do You agree? disagree? Whatever the case, make sure you watch this movie knowing it uses the word 'retard' a lot. Just a warning. Gavin Johns, Wanna-Be critic, [email protected]

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10 / 10

tone is off and story muddled

Leland P. Fitzgerald (Ryan Gosling) kills mentally retarded Ryan Pollard stabbing him 20 times. This devastates the Pollard family (Martin Donovan, Ann Magnuson), Becky (Jena Malone), Julie (Michelle Williams) and her boyfriend Allen Harris (Chris Klein). Leland had a relationship with Becky. Leland's divorced mother Marybeth (Lena Olin) is desperate and his father Albert (Kevin Spacey) is a famous writer. Charlie is Leland's lawyer. Guillermo (Michael Peña) and Bengel (Wesley Jonathan) are fellow inmates and Pearl Madison (Don Cheadle) is their teacher at the juvenile detention center. Ayesha (Kerry Washington) is the new secretary. Pearl is a writer and he decides to make Leland his next subject. The tone is off for me. I don't like the soft rock music setting the tone. The movie needs more intensity. I also don't like Gosling decision on his speaking voice sometimes. The story telling is muddled. This should zero in on Leland, Becky and Ryan. Gosling has shown himself to be a master at emotionally complicated romance and this movie should rely on that more. Pearl is an unnecessary plot device. Writers sometimes write themselves into the story. Pearl is simply in the way. Instead of flashbacks, the movie should play it straighter and without Pearl. Either that or concentrate on the aftermath affecting the families. I don't care about Pearl.

Reviewed by MoviesReviews101 7 / 10 / 10

Verdict: Beautifully Troubled Drama

Story: Looking in a mixture of flashbacks of what leads up to the crime as well as seeing the effects it has had on the people's lives involved. We follow how a seemingly awkward teenager's look on life changes leading to the fatal consequences. We also see how the both families deal with the aftermath. We also see how one man tries to help only to end up looking like he is trying to make something for himself, but also learns to look at things a different way because of his time with Leland. Mixing it all together we get to look at how one person view of the world can change it for everyone involved. (8/10) Actor Review Don Cheadle: Pearl a teacher at the detention centre who takes an interest in Leland, mostly to start a book about him because he seems different to the rest of the teenagers in the centre. He tries his best to do the right thing but in the end is left helpless with what happens in the end. Good performance showing he can walk into lead roles with ease. (8/10) Ryan Gosling: Leland the troubled teenager who has killed an autistic kid, but his reasons are unknown and it is not until he speaks with Pearl he shows his reasoning which shows the world in a very different view. Good performance showing that Ryan was always going to be a big name in the world of Hollywood. (9/10) Chris Klein: Allen friend of the family who has been involved with one of the daughters of the victim's family, but when he starts to feel distant from the relationship he tries his hardest to make amends for the murdered child. Good performance from Chris showing he could have been a star, but he has yet to shine. (7/10) Jena Malone: Becky love interest of Leland as well as sister to the murdered child, whose own problems have pushed Leland away and led him to see the world very differently. Solid performance from Jena who starred in plenty of these type of dramas in the early noughties. (7/10) Kevin Spacey: Albert father of Leland who has been very distant in fact he hasn't seen him since he was six as he pays for Leland to spend time away around the world. Good performance in the few scenes he is in. (7/10) Supporting Cast: With an exceptional supporting cast including Michelle Williams, Lena Olin and Kerry Washington, we get solid performances from all of them. (7/10) Director Review: Matthew Ryan Hoge – Good direction throughout to make a compelling drama. (8/10) Drama: Brilliant drama looking at how one crime can change so many people's lives. (9/10) Settings: Each setting seems to be leading to the final outcome for our leading boy Leland. (7/10) Suggestion: This is one to try, I really don't think it will be popular for many people as the subject matter is bleak and sometimes tries to balance too many stories. (Try It) Best Part: The relationship between Pearl and Leland. Worst Part: Not enough time spent with Leland and Pearl. Believability: No (0/10) Chances of Tears: No (0/10) Chances of Sequel: No Post Credits Scene: No Oscar Chances: No Box Office: $350,000 Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes Tagline: Crime. Confusion. Compassion. They're all just states of mind. Overall: Compelling drama Check out more reviews on

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