The Unseen


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Darktragedy 3 / 10 / 10

WATCH OUT FOR FAKE REVIEWS...this is NOT a scary movie

First...most of these other "great" reviews are from people who "happened" to join IMDB 3 weeks ago...and this is the only movie they have can figure that one out...I can say that didn't just join because out of all the movies they have seen, they had to leave a review on this one...check out the profiles of the other reviewers to see what I mean, there are a few legit ones. 52 minutes in and this is soooo far it's about a couple dealing with a tragedy and how they cope with is NOT is NOT riveting...I'm out...not worth watching because I was looking for a good thriller and this is faaaaaaaar from that. Maybe another time when I was looking for something is not that day. Drama...not horror, not riveting...bleh....

Reviewed by gbrostow 2 / 10 / 10

Tough Momma - psychological thriller, a bit like "Malice"

We were struggling to think of the last "serious" film we'd seen, when The Unseen came up. It seems like an emotional drama at first, but builds momentum and earns its psych-thriller badge for sure. For those who saw Malice with Alec Baldwin / Kidman / Pullman, this is modern and quite different, but made me feel similar ups / downs and overall enjoyment. Also nice to have a female protagonist.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 2 / 10 / 10

I hear him.

Gemma Shields (Jasmine Hyde) has a perfect privileged life with her husband Will (Richard Flood). When their son Joel drowns in their indoor pool, their life is turned upside down. Gemma has panic attacks which causes blindness, making driving a challenge. The couple both hear the child from time to time. They decide to get away from it all and go to a home being restored by Paul (Simon Cotton) a seemingly well adjusted person. They develop more problems. Gemma is an atheist while Will is not, which didn't weigh too heavily into the story. I thought the film was going to a psychological thriller/horror, but turned out to be a mediocre drama with the characters lacking credibility. I would say if you haven't seen the classic "Don't Look Now" it is time to watch it instead. Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Jasmine Hyde)

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