The Viking Queen



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wyrdstick 7 / 10 / 10

An engaging look at Celtic/Roman Britain

Although it has its quirks and is horribly mis-named (the Vikings entered the European scene 700 years after the movie's setting), this movie is a fun and engaging look at a much-overlooked historical stage. Some disbelief-suspension is required (the title character's accent, for example), but historical-fiction fans should find this film quite entertaining. While the costumes and characters (e.g. the sensational depiction of the Druids) might not be 100% believable, the plotline and settings more than make up for it. As a fan of both the old Hammer style and of Roman history, I was quite engrossed. I just wish they'd called it "Queen of the Celts"!

Reviewed by OldAle1 7 / 10 / 10

laughable historical fantasy manages to be lots of fun

From the trying-for-sublime to the content-to-be-ridiculous. Carita, a Finnish model-turned-actress, is surprisingly credible (well, not really, but she's not as bad as one would expect) as window dressing turned queen Salina of the Britons, trying to keep her people's semi-sovereignty while romancing the Roman general Justinian (Don Murray, pretty darn bland) who is supposed to be keeping her and her people in check. What I liked about this most, apart from the nice location photography and the presence of 2nd Dr. Who Patrick Troughton as wise warrior Tristram was the slightly more complex than expected political intrigue of the thing, with druids, merchants, British nobles and Romans all playing off against each other. What I liked least were the very cheap, poorly choreographed battle scenes where hardly a drop of red paint is even to be seen, and the swords are so obviously dull and plaster that you can't help laughing at times. Still, Carita is cute and the pacing keeps one more interested than not. DVD rental (double DVD with Vengeance of She watched previously).

Reviewed by andrejedi-1 7 / 10 / 10

It is supposed to be fun, and it is.

I agree it is not historically correct. But there are still lots of fun watching this. Despite it was made in the 60s, one can still watch it nowadays and find it enjoyable. The final battle scene was entertaining. Too bad they let the two princesses slain so easily. (Did I see Octavius fondling the dying Talia after he received his own death blow? ) Of course if made today, the battle scene should be more crowded. (There was hardly a cohort there, not to mention a legion and computer technology would help that out today). And the love scenes would be more explicit (and showing). The names of the three princesses were not very cleverly or carefully chosen. No Briton princess would be called Beatrice or Salina at that time. (and of course, like many here said, no Viking either) But who cares? It is supposed to be fun, and it is.

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