The Vikings


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Janet Leigh as Lina Patch
Kirk Douglas as Self - Ned Land, 20000 Leagues Under the Sea 1954
Orson Welles as Self - Interview
Tony Curtis as Archimedes Porter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HotToastyRag 3 / 10 / 10

Pretty dated

While preparing for Hot Toasty Rag's week of Kirk Douglas movie reviews, I rented both Ulysses and The Vikings, among others. I asked my mom what was the difference between those two mentioned flicks, since they seemed extremely similar. Her answer: "In one of them, Kirk Douglas gets his eye poked out. The one-eye movie is terrible." A very succinct distinction. I'll elaborate, though, since my reviews are typically longer than two sentences. Ulysses is an adaptation of Homer's Odyssey; The Vikings is based of Edison Marshall's The Viking. While Ulysses has fantastical elements, like giants, sirens, and sorcery, The Vikings is just a regular old Nordic adventure movie. Except, no one has any trace of an accent. In this one, Kirk Douglas is the legitimate son of Viking warrior Ernest Borgnine. Tony Curtis is the illegitimate son, and in an early scene, he orders his falcon to peck out Kirk's eye. The rest of the movie is a struggle between the brothers as they fight for love of Janet Leigh, inheritance from Ernie, and other Viking-ish issues, like Valhalla, ships, war, and the treatment of prisoners. Personally, I liked Ulysses better, but if you want to see the husband and wife team act together, or if you particularly like Tony Curtis-I don't, really-you might make it through this one relatively unscathed. I found it rather silly and dated, though.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 8 / 10 / 10

The Hollywood vikings set out to sea...

I think I might have watched "The Vikings" way back some time in my childhood, because I do remember parts of the movie. I got the chance again to watch the movie here in 2017, so of course I jumped at the chance. It turns out that despite being from 1958 then "The Vikings" is actually a rather nice and impressive movie. And I reckon that it must have been some epic movie back in 1958. I mean, even just by watching it today, the production value and the accomplishment of director Richard Fleischer was just astounding. There certainly was a sense of adventure and grand epic about the movie. "The Vikings" had a pretty impressive cast, which included two of the biggest Hollywood stars of the day; that being Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis, of course. Now, both of them are good actors and performed quite well, but for some reason it was just a tad difficult to really envision them as being vikings, as they had too much of a pampered beauty appearance going on. It was also a treat to see Ernest Borgnine in this movie. Storywise, then "The Vikings" was entertaining, for sure, but it felt a bit too scripted and predictable. Visually then this was a very impressive movie, and they had put a lot of effort into the costumes, the props, the sets, and so on, and that really paid off quite nicely. And the movie was filmed at some locations that really worked well and added so much flavor and atmosphere to the movie. "The Vikings" has a good amount of action, drama and storytelling to keep most people entertained. If you haven't already seen "The Vikings", then you should take the time to do so, because it is an entertaining movie. And don't let the 1958 time stamp discourage you, because the movie really is impressive for its age and production.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 8 / 10 / 10

Spectacular adventure set in the Middle Ages where two Viking half-brothers fight against one another for a gorgeous princess

This classic ¨The Vikings (1958)¨ by Richard Fleischer packs a big name cast as Kirk Douglas , Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis . Very well-done adventure movie following the exploits of a group of Vikings sailing on Dragon ships like serpents on the sea , the terrible Northmen led by Ragnar , Einar and Eric . All of them shouting a battle-cry to their awesome god of war , Odin ! This enjoyable picture packs adventures , thrills , good action scenes and being very amusing . But then a slave (Tony Curtis) and a Viking prince (Kirk Douglas) fight for the love of a captive princess (Janet Leigh) and assault an impregnable fortress . Adventure movie full of impressive battles , noisy action , fencing and breathtaking exteriors . Kirk Douglas is pretty good , he gives a nice performance as leader of a band of Vikings driving his ship sets sail for the unknown land in search of Britanny kingdom . Top-drawer cast as Tony Curtis , Ernest Borgnine and Janet Leigh and colorful British and Hollywood secondary casting such as Alexander Knox , Maxine Audley , Frank Thring , and James Donald . Furthermore , as narrator the great Orson Welles . Although full of stupid historical errors and unbelievable events , the film results to be really entertaining and overwhelming . Great location footage with sweepingly photography by the magnificent cameraman Jack Cardiff . Shot on location in Fort La Latte , Côtes-d'Armor, France , Brittany , France , Walchensee, Bavaria , Germany Hardanger , Norway and Lim Fiord , Croatia . Thrilling and evocative musical score by Mario Nascimbene . Well set , in fact screenwriters , producers spent some years researching the Norse civilization in preparation for doing this movie , this included the actual designs for the Viking ships they used and the breed of horse that they rode . The picture was handsomely shot and directed with verve and muscle by Richard Fleischer . Rating : Good , fine battle scenes and wonderful cinematography and locations make the movie a standout . This throughly amusing historical epic stands up to teens and adults viewings . Don't miss for Kirk Douglas fans . This basic costume epic belongs to Viking genre , such as : ¨Eric the conqueror¨ (1961) by Mario Bava with Cameron Mitchell , ¨The long ships¨ (1963) by Jack Cardiff with Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmark ; ¨ ¨The Viking queen (1967)¨ by Don Chaffey with Don Murray and Andrew Keir ; The Norseman (1978) ¨ by Charles B Pierce with Cornel Wilde and Mel Ferrer ; ¨The Viking sagas (1995)¨ by Michael Chapman with Ralph Moeller , among others .

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