The Voyeurs



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September 14, 2021



Jean Yoon as Dr. Sato
Jillian Harris as Prom Queen
Sydney Sweeney as Pippa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rafaews 6 / 10 / 10

The ending though...

I liked the overall tone, aesthetics, cast, acting, concept... But the ending was too much. The unreal twists have kind of broken the spell for me. I'd love to see this movie with a simpler more realistic third act.

Reviewed by nezthe 2 / 10 / 10

Only for die hard Sydney Sweeney fans.

This wants to be a cool modern thriller, but it's just like one of those soft core sex films from the 90s that people watched before internet porn was born. No spoilers, just to say the plot is ludicrous. The movie will be sold on the back of a 2 minute sex scene with Sydney Sweeney that will get teenage boys salivating, but a smart, edge of the seat thriller, this is not.

Reviewed by genious-35413 2 / 10 / 10

A Bore With Many Expected Non-Twists and Expected Turns

If you've seen more than 4 movies in the 'thriller' genre, you will know exactly how it's going to go. It seems like thrillers must adhere to certain rules and formulas - beginning with being really far-fetched and characters that are devoid of any common sense. It started out seeming non-formulaic but then just spun out and resorted to all of the same hack writing that these movies do. The acting was quite good but the writing....oh the god awful writing.

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