The Windmill

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April 7, 2019



Ben Batt as Sergeant
Charlotte Beaumont as Jennifer Harris
Noah Taylor as Danny
Patrick Baladi as Robert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7 / 10 / 10

Decent slasher with good kills, ....

...n a supernatural touch to it, with good character development n picturesque cinematography. I was really excited to see this film. Had read somewhere that the extended clip of this film was released way back in 2013. Been on my watch list for a very long time. Finally bought a pirated DVD for 50 rupees. I think that my DVD was a different version as the scene (the killer in yellow jacket chasing a female in broad day light n piercing her hand from the centre of her palm) shown in the you tube trailer was not there. Considering that this is Nick Jongerius debut film (Producer of Frankenstein's army), he did a decent job. I skipped his Frankensteins army as m not a fan of hand held camera. Well this is not a great film but not bad either. Horror fans may like it. Slasher fans will enjoy it more. It has shades of Hatchet part one, Jeepers creepers part one. Some solid gore n killings. Being a debut film, it did showed the directors lack of creating suspense n tension. But he managed to develop the characters well. Some nice writing there. Some lovely cinematography by Bart Beekman. Decent editing. The only thing I did not dig was that of the marine's "sin". Wasn't it an accident? Also the doctor's? Can someone explain plz.

Reviewed by LoupGarouTFTs 5 / 10 / 10

Definitely an Okay Late-Night Movie

I have enjoyed many a movie to pass the time at night, due to frequent bouts of insomnia. The Windmill Massacre was a fun movie for such a night, with several interesting characters and a decent story to carry them to their deaths Some of these deaths were fairly inventive, such as the death of the character who drowned in a puddle. The main character, Jennifer, is as well-rounded a character a you'll find in a horror movie these days. All of the characters need at least a hint of a backstory, as they are being judged for their sins and ushered to Hell if they don't repent. For this reason, the movie has the occasional feel of Ghost Voyage (2008), another fun little low budget film that at least tries to tell a story about the people that are being killed off. The best parts of this movie came at the very beginning and the very end While the rest of the film was fairly competent, some of it got a bit mashed together and confusing in the middle and one character lacked any real resolution. I'd recommend this film for anyone who wants to pass the time, but who doesn't have expectations that are not unrealistically high for the genre. The story has been told before, but it's a nice take on an old tale and enjoyable nevertheless.

Reviewed by ElWormo 5 / 10 / 10

this is a movie about a massacre in a windmill

I rarely check out newer (post 2000) horrors cause they all seem pretty bland and samey. However the DVD box artwork and ridiculous title attracted me to The Windmill Massacre, plus the fact that it stars Patrick Baladi whose brilliantly understated performance as smarmy Neil in The Office is one of the many reasons that show was so much more than just a comedy. Every scene involving him and David Brent was amazing. But as for this, it's just a run of the *wind*mill (hahahah) nu-skool slasher. You may not have seen the windmills but you've seen the film. Victims A B C D and E are thrown together in random location F where they're gradually picked off by scary baddie G, because of reason H... At the end you'll probably be wondering Y. It isn't terrible. The gore fx are good if a bit overdone, the cast are bearable, and there wasn't too much endless screaming and shouting involved for once (also any film containing the line "I used to be the face of a Japanese toothpaste, I'm big in Japan" must have something going for it), but the replay value is about zero.

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