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Comedy / Drama / Romance

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David Sutcliffe as George Murray
Diane Venora as Jane Hetzko
Jennifer Esposito as Olive Dee 'Harley' Klintucker
Sydney Penny as Madeleine Donovan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ryemiami 10 / 10 / 10

A feel good movie

This movie was enjoyable and entertaining. The whole time I was watching it, I was rooting for Sarah (with an H) make the right choice. What's nice about this light comedy is that what you see is what you get. I wasn't looking for how well the actors acted (which I thought they were really great)or how well it was written; I was looking for an escape and this movie delivers that in a fun and delightful manner. It helps to have attractive people and watch them act silly as they interact with each other at the local coffee house. My list with this movie isn't a long one because I thought it was simple and sweet. (especially at the end) so that's why I loved it and if I'm a goofball for it..good. The message from this movie is live, take risks, and step outside the box. :)

Reviewed by boblipton 1 / 10 / 10

Mothers, Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to be Doctors

No matter how good-looking they are, no matter how much money they make, no matter how wise and understanding and committed to a diet of free-range organic chicken they are, women, this movie tells us, will always prefer some guy whose idea of dressing up is to wear a Hawaiian shirt, aspires to be the best barrista in town and who can't be bothered to either shave or grow a beard. The three leads in this joke-free romantic comedy are young, personable and the roles are actually interestingly written, but the story is a comedy only in the classical sense of a progression from a bad state of affairs to a good one. There are, as I noted, no jokes. Yet, as it winds its predictable course, we get enough grace notes to keep up interest as two of the leads exhibit strong commitment issues. Director of Photography Maximo Munzi shoots most of this very nicely, although there are a couple of strange Haskell Wexler-style multi-screen moments, as if everyone wishes they were in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR. Nevertheless, there is a decent story here with a real point. It's just a shame that the people behind the camera couldn't find it.

Reviewed by bvdbobcat 1 / 10 / 10

Don't bother

Sarah (Jennifer) is a girl that is anal retentive in that everything must be just so. All the guys she dates have faults that at first the hide from her, but eventually come out. Every morning she gets a "latte" at her certain coffee house from the same guy until the one day she walks in and "Fred" is on the counter. This is the character that ruined the movie for me. Fred is a control freak and he determines what the person should get instead of the customer making an order. Sarah orders her usual, but Fred determines that isn't right for her and won't make it. She then turns to leave and bumps into Erik. Erik is the perfect guy for her, but you know that there is no way they'll end up together since the heroine (Sarah) must change at the end and be with the hero (Fred) and dump the sap (Erik). It would have been a much better movie if Fred wasn't so controlling and some of the scenes were more realistic. Fred stalks her, finds out her phone number and some how found out when it was her birthday, as the day of her BD there is a sign that lattes are free on your birthday. This is the only day I saw the sign. He then discovers that Erik is outta town and calls her after work and has her come down to the coffee house. When she gets there he has it all decorated for a BD party with a full house of party goers. Not sure why she stayed since she didn't know any of them!! and one of her list items was family. Why wasn't she at her mother's (or) sister's for her birthday since she over at one of their houses every other scene. Overall I think it was poorly written, poorly directed and some of the characters unbelievable. Feel badly for Jennifer as I like her acting a lot.

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