The Witch Files

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brentage5000 5 / 10 / 10

If Disney (the channel) made a serious version of The Craft

First off, this is not a horror movie, despite what the description says. There are some elements to it that briefly flirt with that description, but they lie. At best, it's suspense bordering on thriller. That said, it's remarkably well done. The acting is fairly decent, and the script manages to keep things tight and light without veering too far into absurdity. When things turn dark, it's done with a believable hand, although the twist is an extremely predictable one. Additionally, there was a distinctly positive tone (for the most.part) and it did something few movies of this type do by showing real world consequences (as an example, when one of the girls uses magic to get a new car, it eventually gets pointed out that there's no payment made for the car, making it essentially a stolen vehicle rather than something created) and offering an explanation for the haggard appearance of witches. All in all, it's a surprisingly enjoyable movie and would be a good pick for young kids that are looking for something along the lines of The Craft but are too young for something that intense (ages 8 to 14, say)

Reviewed by royalattitude-01739 6 / 10 / 10

Remake of the Craft

A bad mix of Blair Witch Project and a remake of The Craft- down to the mix of girls. Can't even finish watching it because it's like a middle school effort to remake a near cult film. At least admit the effort was less than minimal.

Reviewed by Jumanaahh 6 / 10 / 10

Pretty decent

Just so you know, this had nothing to do with horror nor thriller. It actually wasn't bad. It's one of those feel good movies that you don't stress out while watching with happy endings which i liked because movies these days lack that kind of vibe and bad endings are a must these days for some reason. I would say it would be kind of perfect for a younger audience or young teens. As a girl in her early 20s it just wasn't for me lol

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