The Woman in the Window


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Gary Oldman as Ben Chase
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Sadie Flood
Julianne Moore as Jane Russell 1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cafeosh 5 / 10 / 10

Even Amy couldn't save it.

Having read the book I was super excited about the movie ! But alas it was a disappointment. The movie felt like more of a drama than an intriguing thriller like it was in the book. The dialogues sometimes were over the top and the pace lagging, the supporting actors only show up when it's convenient to keep the plot moving. Sadly there is nothing interesting about any one of them. Expect for Moore she nailed her part. Even the two biggest reveals of the story seemed lacklustre. There was a lot of buildup throughout but it just fell flat in the end. Keeping all the negativity aside Amy as always did a great job.

Reviewed by jeromhartmann 3 / 10 / 10

Rear window + the girl in the train + shutter island

Starts out as Rear Window, has a Shutter Island plot twist in the middle, ends as a combination of Rear Window and The Girl On The Train. Probably several things went wrong in the production and the script was probably modified several times. Some top actors like Gary Oldman and Anthony Mackie play pretty insignificant roles. The film just feels off and when the final twist arrives you're like "that's it...?". The last 10 minutes of the movie is literally spend on the main character leaving the house and taking a taxi. I understand that this is important because the character finally dares to go outside, but you as a viewer will not be interested by then. Seriously, don't watch this ,watch any of the other three films mentioned.

Reviewed by alejandro-bonilla 3 / 10 / 10

Without a doubt Rear Window from 1954 comes to mind and I can only say that Alfred Hitchcock won.

This is the example of movies with big budgets that allow them to have a lot of possibilities, but sometimes a lot is not the best for a movie. Without a doubt Rear Window from 1954 comes to mind and I can only say that Alfred Hitchcock won since with much less he provides us with the suspense that The Woman In The Window lacked. I must say that I am a fan of Joe Wright movies and this is not at his level, it will not change the perception I have of him as a filmmaker because I want to think that the decisions that hurt the film were not made by him (based on some productions by Scott Rudin) so I'll pretend I never looked at it. I also have to mention that the best thing was the music, excellently achieved by Danny Elfman where he takes us on a journey of horror classics, exactly what the movie dealt with in many ways but with mediocre results, I can't wait to listen to it in full and enjoy the heartbreaking cry of the violins.

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