The Yank


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February 27, 2021



Colm Meaney as Detective
Fred Willard as Dick Brocton
Kevin P. Farley as Victor Howard
Nicole Forester as Terri Drake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aidan-ralph 1 / 10 / 10


What a massive pile of rubbish. Badly acted, badly shot and Colm Meaney is in it for a really small portion of the film, despite having top billing. One very annoying flaw was the fact that the camera kept moving to the point where it was cutting the top of the actors heads. Also, how did they get Fred Willard? He's far better than this carry on! The one redeeming feature was Martin Maloney (Eddie Durkin from The Hardy Bucks). His cameo was hilarious, although it was disappointing when he didn't bate the head off Sean Lackey's character. In conclusion, avoid. How it's rated as highly as it is on here is beyond me. Utter scutter.

Reviewed by dallasryan 6 / 10 / 10

Pretty Interesting

You can never go wrong with Fred Willard. He's hilarious and he doesn't disappoint in this movie either. Colm Meaney is great in this movie, as he is a great actor, fantastic in everything he's in. Well acted all around and actually a decent little love story which develops throughout the movie. I enjoyed the banter and anticipation as the love story developed between the two leads. Good chemistry. A low budgeted film, but that doesn't matter because The Yank is a fun movie all around, and worth the watch. This film will also make you thirsty for some beerski afterwards.

Reviewed by jordan2240 6 / 10 / 10

Better than it's rating

It's not a great movie. Characters seem to appear and disappear with little explanation or reasoning, the story isn't exactly original, and Guinness must have funded the film, but I found it amusing enough to keep watching, and, having been to Ireland, enjoyed the cinematography. I've seen far worse movies with ratings under 5, so think this one should't be in that category. I think, at the very least, those who tend to like movies featuring Ireland will enjoy 'The Yank.'

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