The Young Kieslowski

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Joshua Malina as Robert Kieslowski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thomaspeff 10 / 10 / 10

Really adorable film!!

Really enjoyed the film. Super cute mix of emotions...happy, sad, funny, surprising and serious. It had a very similar feel to the film Juno which I thought was also quite good. The young leads are great. Haley Lu Richardson is a very talented actress, who no doubt has a promising career ahead of her. Malgarini as the geeky guy w/ 'old testament hair' -- awesome line by the way -- is totally lovable, even when he's being spineless. The two sets of parents bookend the adult supportive, one not so much. The supporting friends add a bit of comedy and quirkiness too...all are a little off-beat in their own various and lovable ways.

Reviewed by dansview 8 / 10 / 10

Nice Try

This was long, kind of boring, and lacking in joy. But it was otherwise well done. The leads were adorable and convincing. They put major thought into what to do about their predicament and you could really feel their angst. I appreciated that. The picture really highlights how something that is akin to blowing one's nose for a guy, can produce earth-shattering consequences that never go away. It also shows how the woman gets stuck with the consequence. If it had been even a half hour shorter it would have been near perfect. I just felt that it dragged out too long with the same existential questions plaguing our characters over and over. Well, finally a movie where the people do the right thing and it's not politically correct.

Reviewed by AhmedMw2 8 / 10 / 10


This happening every day every hour one of the biggest dilemma of our modern Society But it always depend on the individuals and how they deal with it ,You can make huge deal of it and without even thinking about it you chose the easy way out which is abortion despite you have the wealth but you do not have the commitment OR sometimes you let go with it you have these profound feelings caved inside of you that you want it even you are young not financially stable but you want it without any kind of outlook And that is what i like about this movie Yes it is not the best logical act to do But we have these moment in our life when we decide to follow what we feel not what we think. The meta score of this movie really make me wonder why it is very low . it is very well written so smooth . the acting is amazing and emotional even the cinema photography is well taken . Overall very refreshing movie to see . wish i saw it earlier .

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