Theeran Adhigaram Ondru


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karthikstarmans 9 / 10 / 10

A movie with a exceptionally good story and super involving screenplay.

Theeran Adhigaram ondru is destined to become one of the best cop movies ever to be made in Tamil film industry. A lot of effort has been put into writing the script and the screenplay that one can clearly see it's effect on the screen. All through the movie there was no plot holes or logical blunders which bothered me as there was nothing big enough to notice. For example, the mobile phones used by the characters were representative of the time period the movie is in. From the Nokia 1100 and Motorola Flip phones to Touch Screen smart phones, the mobile phones gradually changed in the hands of the characters. One of the main success of this movie as I see is the way in which they have established every character in the movie. Almost all the prominent characters have a back story and the director has done a great deal of research about the dacoits and criminal investigation techniques used by the crime solvers. The first part of the movie features some cold blooded murder cum robbery sequence, which are shot very realistically and the screenplay so involving that I felt like I witnessed everything first hand and they have not over done or exaggerated any action sequence in the movie, they all look very realistic. Unlike other cop stories where the protagonist will be able to miraculously able to solve crime almost like Sherlock Holmes with out explaining us how it is done, in this movie though there is a reference to Sherlock Holmes the whole investigation process is bound by the realism of this material world. The director did a great job in explaining the actions of the characters without boring us with lengthy voice overs. The movie could have been made without the female lead, Rakul Preet Singh. But, that doesn't mean that the character was a low point in the movie or that the character had no role to play in the movie. The character was there to establish the character of Theeran and show his temperament and reaffirm that he is no super human crime solving machine but a normal cop who does an exceptional job. The Back ground score is very engaging and really sets the tone for every scene. It was instrumental in carrying the emotions depicted on the screen to the audience. The placement of the songs too were reasonable. They came like a much needed breather in between the cold blooded action in the first half. Overall, Theeran Adhigaram Ondru is going to be a career best movie for Karthi as this has indeed over shone his performance in Paruthiveeran. This is a must watch movie if only you could stomach a little bit of gore and spine chilling violence (They did not over do it). Hats off to the team...

Reviewed by kanabuma 10 / 10 / 10

A fast paced action thriller

I don't remember when I last saw a fast paced action thriller like this in Tamil. We are thoroughly absorbed in this movie that interval alone indicates that we are at the halfway mark. The only minus point in this movie is the romantic segment, which I personally feel as unnecessary for an action movie like this. So I reduce one star for that. The theme of this movie so unique and original. It's a ghost haunting from the past. The director had cleverly linked the past history to the present fiction. Even though Karthi is a super actor, super heroism, like flying in the air, hitting ten persons in one hit, etc. are minimal in this movie. This is an important plus point in this movie, because it makes you believe that you are actually watching a true story rather than a fiction. Acting by Karthi is excellent, doing his part perfectly without overdoing it. Many scenes in this movie, make you a participant in the ongoing action,than a mere spectator. A real gem among Tamil action movies.

Reviewed by naveen_reloaded 10 / 10 / 10

Theeran - Where the director takes you to the Horror world of notorious robbery gang

H.Vinoth has given a cult movie !! PERIOD. The film is a horror-thriller roller coaster. The director gradually holds your hand and takes you to the ride and pushes from a dizzying height of horror and thriller to narrate his true story on notorious Bawaria robbery gang. As a person who have watched few of the top horror thriller genre movies , but this movie will send chills down your spine , mainly because it has the element of locality, something close happening in India. Director has taken lots of pain in detailing the movie and as far as i remember, there aren't much holes left , eve in the scene were the gang will stop the train , if you listen closely , the passengers will say " this is the usual mischief done by the train traveler" , so there the director has given us a reason that this thing is common , so the train after a short while starts to move. Or else we know it will take much longer time for the train to start after emergency stop is activated. Small things like these and also not deviating from the core and giving us the whole anatomy of this notorious gang right from their root has only strengthened the story and it makes the whole narration and the gang stick close to our heart. In most movie the enemy will be hyped till a certain point and after that his fate nose dives from there. But here the director has kept the hype - and it sticks too till almost three quarter of the movie , there my making us tremble each time we learn about the gang. Karti has done EXCELLENT EXCELLENT acting. He has played it aptly. I don't think anyone would have fit the role , may be Kamal ? Love sequence are the only downers in this movie. Overall i would say this is the BEST MOVIE in TAMIL FOR 2017 !! Movies like these elate the Tamil industry to new heights. Not for the faint hearted though..

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