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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sawyer-4815162342 5 / 10 / 10

Nothing New

I kind of like gritty movies about the drug underworld. This one was just OK. All the elements were there but the movie didn't really do much for me. My main problem is I didn't like any of the characters. Even the protagonist. They all made such dumb decisions. And even the scenes of the protagonist's home life which felt like they were supposed to earn her sympathy ended up just being sad. Not a bad movie by any means. But certainty not a great one. I suspect younger audience might like this more than those over 30. For me the movie was hard to connect with. In a month or so I'll probably forget this movie completely and that is it's worst sin- being unmemorable.

Reviewed by skip-98756 9 / 10 / 10

Standout performances in an intense drama

I Really enjoyed this! Im 58 and this brings back memories from when i was 16 and in that kind of life...Its been so long ago ,it seems like another lifetime..when i see this contemporary drama ,i find it shocking and SAD that things are still so much the same for kids and the drug culture after 42 yrs...That lifestyle, where kids hand out, looking to get high, the way they acted in the movie, is so true to life..the Drug dealer, done by pablo was outstanding! the volatile,quiet one moment,menacing the next,the quality and intensity he brought to the role nailed it..i have know people who acted just like that ! I actually thought from the promo poster that the lead actor was Jon Bernthal ...i was shocked to find ot was Pablo, it was the shaved head that made the resemblence..I love seeing Eliza from the 100, an awesome series!! cant wait for that to return..anyway they rocked their roles, and the supporting actors got the stereotypical drug culture yoyths down pat..again it was sad to see that todays kids were so much like the kids of 40 yrs ago,its like that lifestyle is in a time bubble and seems forever the same..i would hope that todays youth were less inclined to that way of life,or had found ways to creatively express the intense energies of that age bracket in positive ways, and i Do believe that more young people Today are finding healthy and creative outlets than in past...this movie though was a reminder that it still exists

Reviewed by corvette-45921 9 / 10 / 10

Outstanding Cast

I started watching this with little expectation as the plot has all been done before, however as soon as you get a tour through the seedy meth lab in the LA area that feels light years from Disneyland it felt very real. It wasn't until I read about the cast afterwards on IMDB that it all made sense? they are not just from the U.S but from Canada, Australia, Wales, Bermuda - that is what makes this movie separate itself from the rest as they are unknowingly bringing other dimensions to a film that has been done many times before. This movie is worth visiting, not just to see life on the other side of the tracks but to admire the great acting that this group deliver.

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