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Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10 / 10

Quality wise the bite is missing, more like water for a domestic cat

"Tigermilch" (yep it does mean what you thought "Tiger Milk") is an award-winning German movie from 2017 that runs for 105 minutes approximately. Director is Ute Wieland and she is older than you'd expect given the two protagonists' ages and also the subjects att the center of the story. She also adapted the novel by Stefanie Mühlhan this film is from. This is the story of two teenage girls who may be at the same time very different from each other, but still very similar to each other if that makes any sense. There's the usual stuff really: stress with parents, trouble at school, crushing on boys, sex (yep that's a subject too at that age) etc. Oh well, more than the usual actually. There is a murder sub-plot, one of the girls is in danger of being forced to leave the country by authorities because she is actually from Iraq and also I would not really consider two girls who ask guys for 100 euros to have sex with them for something too common given their ages. And I don't think that is because I am a prude. So when this film went for drama, it may have gotten slightly over the top honestly. I also did not really feel it was realistic and authentic all the time. This refers to the story about the extradition, but also about the conflict between the girls. Yes they are both pretty headstrong and there are arguments repeatedly, also physical ones really. It's no surprise. They had to include that in the movie/book for sure. But it did not feel too right I'd say. Same for when they meet with their pinky finger swear at the end and bond again. I kinda doubt it would have happened in reality this way with the most melodramatic scene and the fence between them before the Iraqi girl has to enter the plane. The two are played by Flora Thiemann and Emily Kusche by the way. I certainly preferred Kusche, physically and in terms of acting. She was fine and did the most with what she was given. Thiemann did have a few weak moments and sometimes her line delivery was pretty stale. Kinda surprised she is a pretty prolific and successful actress right now. Okay there is really not too much to say about this film. Kids films in Germany frequently have really good cast lists. Even if the actors playing the central characters are sometimes unknown, sometimes even complete rookies, they add more established and well-known grown-up actors for the supporting cast. Here it is a bit different. It is possible for German film buffs that you have seen one or even both of the two in other projects already. But as for the supporting casts you will recognuze almost nobody I'm afraid. Maybe Löbau. And Trepte. Maybe not. I cannot really say anything about parallels and differences between the film and book because I have not read the latter. Honestly I have no plans now either after seeing the movie. It did not win me over. It's not a traditional kids movie anyway, more like a teenage-oriented movie. I still am not sure if teens are talking this way right now. Die Hard, Die Hard 2. Just one example that did feel a bit off honestly. Oh yeah, the film is set here in Berlin, my place and I love it. But it also did not really make an impact from that perspective that I enjoyed it more because I saw some areas I knew from being there myself. Pretty shallow execution. This film tries to be a lot more than it eventually is. Watch something else instead.

Reviewed by davidmhuang 10 / 10 / 10

Exaggerated teenager life

This film is hyperbolic description of the German teenagers growing up. Female German adolescents have more self respect and self worth portrayed by the main characters in the act of sexual exploration. This German film likes to over (mis)represent the migrant/refugee community in Germany with extreme examples.

Reviewed by office-353-91073 10 / 10 / 10

utterly original

This is an original fresh movie that i recommend to all no matter your age. I will not discuss the movie/plot but be advised that you will be emotionally torn! Ute you are a genius!

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