Time Out for Rhythm

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Alan Hale Jr. as College Boy
Ann Miller as Kitty Brown
Curly Howard as Stooge Curly
Rudy Vallee as Daniel 'Danny' Collins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by J.Toner 9 / 10 / 10

The 3 Stooges at their best, stealing the show!

I finally got a copy of this recently thanks to a fellow Stooge fan online. Wow, this was a great movie! This has to be one of the best movies they did when Curly was with the group. For being in a supporting role here the Stooges get a lot of great screen time and they make the most of it. All the stuff they do in this movie is freaking hilarious. Seeing a healthy Curly do the "Maharajah" Routine is worth it alone, it makes the one a few years later in "Three Little Pirates" with a sick Curly pale in comparison. But that's just the begging of the fun with their gangster impression, the Telegram messengers bit and they even bring back the Melodrama bit they did back in vaudeville with Ted Healy. Then they hit another home run with their Conga Dance at the end with Brenda and Cobina performing with them. Curly was awesome trying to be like Carmen Miranda! I was laughing out loud several times while watching them. I also enjoyed the main storyline because the actors did a great job. Ann Miller was amazing, now that's how you dance! She was something else. All in all, a good, fun movie that doesn't deserve its rare and obscure status. This should have been put on DVD ages ago! If you can catch it on cable or get a copy from someone like I did its worth it.

Reviewed by ptb-8 7 / 10 / 10

Held over In Sydney..still!

This hilarious and very hep B grade Columbia musical turns up often on Australian Television, so someone at Channel 9 besides me likes to see it programmed a lot. Good swing/jive music, great Ann Miller tap numbers, some spooky boogie woogie, Allen Jenkins being obnoxious and a lot of very funny 3 stooges routines.....and Brenda and Corvina....yikes! Two female stooges! I would never have believed it. Must have been great fun to see in the 40s in a 2000 seater and a full house. The "Twiddling My Thumbs Number" is a lot like the Jesse Matthews "Dancing On The Ceiling" number from Evergreen but here its a real toe tapper from Ms Miller.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

Rhythm Stooges

Before sitting down to watch this film I did remember it vaguely from seeing it on television as a kid in the early sixties. At that time the Three Stooges were in a comeback via television and they were who I knew and remembered. As an adult I saw that Time Out For Rhythm starred Rudy Vallee and Ann Miller. Well we sure saw a lot of Ann Miller dancing in fact she carries the film when the Stooges aren't there. But I was amazed that Rudy Vallee sang not a note and he was first billed. His stuff had to end up on the cutting room floor. Vallee with his stuffy personality was a hard sell as a musical film star. It was right after this film that Preston Sturges cast him in The Palm Beach Story recognizes how his type could be played for laughs and successfully. But the Stooges with their special brand of nonsense really dominate things, especially Curly doing a swami routine. They are equally aided and abetted by Brenda&Cobina a female comedy team that were regulars on Bob Hope's Pepsodent Radio Show. They were a pair of brain dead plain Jane switchboard operators and using them with Moe, Larry, and Curly was a stroke of genius for Columbia. The rather thin plot involved a talent agency headed by Rudy Vallee, Richard Lane, and Allen Jenkins trying to give a break to Ann Miller who is the maid of star Rosemary Lane. Lane has forbidden Miller to seek a career of her own. I think you know where this is going. This is Columbia and not MGM so the production values on this musical are paper thin. But the film is definitely a must for Three Stooges fans.

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