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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 7 / 10 / 10

A Step Above Most Of VanDamme Flicks

I thought this was a notch above the normal no-brainer kick-boxer action flicks which star men like Jean-Claude VanDamme, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan, etc. because of the interesting and somewhat complex tale with time travel as the main theme. The story also has some good twists and humor. THE GOOD - Kudos to the four s's in here: Silver, suspense, special-effects and sound - all of them are very good. There is something about Ron Silver's looks that spell "sleazy and rotten" before he even opens his mouth! When he speaks, his accent and profanity quickly verifies those suspicions. The special- effects - at least when this came out in the mid '90s - were very cool when the time travelers reached their destinations and appear out of this wall of near- transparent plastic. The story can be a bit confusing at times but is fun at most times, especially near the end when doubles of all the characters are on the screen at once THE BAD - The bad part of the film is the credibility, especially with Silver who plays a politician. No politician, no matter what party or where, would be this much of low-life. In fact, the story is full of unlikable and untrustworthy characters, too many of them. There also is too much Rambo-mentality and the final action goes on way too long. The time travel ange of the story may be intelligent but the dialog in this movie is just plain dumb and too juvenile. Overall, this is one of the best of a small group of well-done Van Damme movies.

Reviewed by ivo-cobra8 8 / 10 / 10

Best Van Damme Sci-Fi-Action comic book classic film!

Timecop (1994) is my favorite Van Damme action sci-fi classic! Just Like Sylvester Stallone's Judge Dredd, Van Damme's Timecop is very Underrated action sci-fi flick ever. One of my favorite and serious Van Damme's roles in this film. Great travel time, great action, great villains and great story. I love the fighting sequences as well. One of my favorite action movie flicks till this days. It was directed from Peter Hyams who become a good friend with Van Damme and a year later he directed Sudden Death with Van Damme. He was the only one of the directors who come visit Van Damme in hospital after he got injured. His son years later directed two Universal Soldier film sequels. I love this movie to death and it is my 6th favorite best Van Damme movie. What I meant in the top written: "to take a few sci-fi leaps of faith" This movie involves time travel about a cop who travels from 2004 to 1994 and try's to prevent the death of his wife and change the future. It does involve travel into the past, so it immediately presents a time-travel paradox which can't really be resolved. Timecop (1994) is very underrated film, there was a sequel and a short-lived ABC series. I watched the sequel without Van Damme in it and the sequel sucked. In here you have nice realistic martial arts and action. You have a lot of explosions and it also involves conspiracy. Ron Silver did an excellent joy playing a villain in this movie as Senator McComb. Mia Sara was absolutely wonderful as Max's (Van Damme's) wife Melissa. Timecop is more classic. Half-n-half sci-fi/action films get lost beneath pure action and pure sci-fi but Timecop is top shelf. This was another childhood movie. I actually rented on a VHS tape in the 90's my parents paid me for the VHS tape so I could watch this movie. I like this movie a lot. I have it on Blu-ray in my Van Damme collection. I have grew up with this movie and it was a hit in 1994 when it was released out. Today I love it so much. The film is a lot smarter than people give it credit for. I also think Van Damme definitely deserves some credit for his non-action scenes in this film, but I suppose his performance in this film will always be remembered for that splits scene. The movie it self has a good look, action and effects and very good acting performance by Van Damme, you really feel bad for him and want to see him kick bad guys asses. Also I think that this movie has Van Damme's best hairstyle. That mullet Is the best he ever had, not the one in Hard Target. And yes, this movie, like many other Van Damme classics deserves a special edition. Not only this movie is my favorite best Van Damme movie, it is one of those movies that you watch over and over again and never gets tiring . A lot of my friends that I know in real life, loves this movie. Someone said it is even the best one. Honestly this is the third time Van Damme played in a science fiction movie. The first time was in cyborg (1989) and the second time was in Universal Soldier. I never really liked Cyborg, but I absolutely love this movie. The action sequences where amazing, the fight scenes and Van Damme martial arts where very realistic. I always enjoy watching Timecop. I enjoy the story, the concept and the action. I think this film is beginning, to get a bad wrap from the general audience. like "oh it is cheesy". "oh its a guilty pleasure at best" that's stupid! This film deserves a special edition in some way. That is the more or less basic plot, In order to even try watching this movie, you MUST LOOK PAST THE PARADOX. If you don't, this movie has zero credibility, and is not worth your time. The paradox in leap faith of this movie is also that works so well and fits with the story. Jean-Claude Van Damme was great. In my opinion, this was one of his best performances. I also liked the opening scene and the scene in which he goes back to 1929 to arrest his partner.

Reviewed by dee.reid 8 / 10 / 10

"Timecop" - Backward and Forward through time-traveling butt-kicking

"Timecop," directed in 1994 by Aussie import Peter Hyams and adapted from the Dark Horse comic book series co-created by Mike Richardson and Mark Verheiden (the pair share a credit on the screen-story, while Verheiden receives sole credit on the screenplay), is a bit of an anomaly in the long-running career of its star, Belgian martial arts sensation Jean-Claude Van Damme. "Timecop" was, by far, the most interesting, in terms of its story concept, visuals, and special effects, of the films that Van Damme made during his heyday in the late 1980s and early-to-mid 1990s. "Timecop" was also Van Damme's most critically acclaimed and most commercially successful film made during that time (it became Van Damme's first and to date, only film to surpass $100 million at the box office). Looking at the film, it's not hard to see why. This big-budget martial arts sci-fi action-thriller is by no means perfect and from a historical standpoint does represent a critical and box office high point in the career of its star - but, boy, does it deliver the goods. Looking back, I remember that "Timecop" was one film that had a lot going for it - in spite of its glaring imperfections and monstrous gaps in logic, like its numerous leaps back and forth through time and the various time travel machinations associated with it (i.e., returning to the same present that you left from, and the such). But let's not focus on that too much. Let's just concentrate on the story and Van Damme. In the year 1994, the United States government establishes the "Time Enforcement Commission" (T.E.C.) to police time travel, which has only recently become a scientific reality. Government bureaucrats are worried that time travel needs to be policed, because if the wrong parties were able to travel back in time to change history - it could send ripples through time that could threaten the whole of our existence. (The film conveniently explains that leaps into the future are not possible simply because it has happened yet.) Enter into the picture: clean-cut D.C. patrolman Max Walker (Van Damme) is about to accept a job as an agent working for the newly established T.E.C. when one night he and his wife Melissa (Mia Sara, from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off") are attacked by thugs from the future. The thugs happen to be working for Senator Aaron McComb (the late Ron Silver), an ambitious, power-hungry politician who was recently appointed to chair the T.E.C. and who in the year 2004 will enter a bid to run in that year's presidential election. In the ensuing fray, Melissa is killed, and Walker is left a widower. 10 years later, Max is indeed now a dedicated, high-ranking officer with the T.E.C., busting time-traveling criminals left & right. In the course of collaring his former partner who has traveled back to the 1930s at the height of the Great Depression to play on the Stock Market in order make himself rich in the present, Walker uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the future: Senator McComb is manipulating time travel in order to buy his way into the White House, and wants the T.E.C. decommissioned in order to remove the greatest threat to his plans. Predictably, in the course of Walker's time-traveling investigation into McComb's plot, he also stumbles onto his own tragic past and comes across a moral conundrum over whether or not to manipulate time to prevent his own personal tragedy from ever occurring - thus lending the film an emotional depth rare for Van Damme pictures made during his heyday. "Timecop" is indeed a bit of a head-trip, though it isn't something that is too heady that you can't wrap your head around it. Although the film feels like a typical Van Damme outing, the time-bending plot and cool-looking time-bending (though dated) CGI effects make the film a visual and special effects marvel. Personally, this isn't my favorite Van Damme movie from that period - that honor goes to "Lionheart" (1990), followed by "Universal Soldier" (1992) and the John Woo-directed actioner "Hard Target" (1993). Jean-Claude Van Damme is great, as usual, doing his usual high-kicking (and acrobatic trademark splits) heroics in a not-too-complicated time travel sci-fi story. Mia Sara, who hasn't appeared in too many movies since then, brings the film a warmth and beauty that's tragically missed in today's time. The real stand-out is Ron Silver as corrupt Senator McComb; Silver's natural charm gives McComb an arrogance and sliminess that makes him a more than worthy adversary to Van Damme's Max Walker (even if he doesn't match him physically). He's one of those guys you love to hate. I can't end this review without putting in a plug for what I truly believe is Van Damme's greatest film ever, "JCVD" (2008), which is where you'll see a different side of Jean-Claude Van Damme, and that is a performance from the Belgian martial artist that is worthy of an Oscar. Really. Time told of "JCVD." 8/10

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