Tom of Your Life


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thetino 4 / 10 / 10

Could of been somthing special.

Wow.. I've never been so disappointed with a movie, with such a great premise , I was expecting big things. I mean its about a guy who ages 4 years ever hour.. how could that fail. This movie was average at best. No connection with either of the two mains and the script was all over the place. I was expecting a forrest gump feel good type of movie but with the uniqueness of trying to fit it into 24 hours, which could go down so many routes, and ending on a real tear Jerker.. towards the end, I was really hoping the movie would pull a few points back with a twist that had Tom revert back to a baby after 24 hours and live a new life every day, which would of fitted nicely with how she already had clothes in the boot of the car at the start as they could of been his from the day before. I don't really review much but I this is the first time I've felt a movie should of been so much more.

Reviewed by CorpeningMedia 8 / 10 / 10

A Brief Life, Well-Lived (and well-told)

I got to view this movie as part of the Burbank International Film Festival. I can honestly say that from the very beginning you know exactly where you're headed, but when you get there, the film will still shatter you. With some subtle curve balls, the story of a life lived in a fraction of time elicits a bittersweet melancholy that will leave you teary-eyed and smiling warmly. Yeah, I know, that pretty much describes life. The performances and gentle depiction of what would otherwise be an average life, lift this story out of the realm of the ordinary, without thrusting into the absurd.

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10 / 10

it happens once in a while

That when you start watching a movie, you get this lingering feeling that this is something good and sensational, and that happened today by this film called ''tom of your life''. i think the main reason is that its an original idea, that ive not seen before, the plot tells the story about a boy that grows superfast, at a speed of 4 years pr hour, and easy calculating tells that a person at that pace will be 96 years in 24 hours, so that one is new. weve seen other films doing the backward stuff but not like this.... its a film made on a dime, some of the sound and filmographic work have signs of a non steady hand at the switches, but the acting are superb, and the switching over to a new actor in the tom role is just amazingly well done. it jumps so fast in time like a frog on a crowded track, so hang on as best as you can, its fun and its inevitably sad and emotional, and there are many things they have passed in mute-ness, due to a whole lot of things that may happen in a lifetime, so its a pick and choose movie, and the choices made are brilliant, and should also be seen by you , thinks the grumpy old man. its an eight and a big recommend.

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