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Reviewed by fourpuke 1 / 10 / 10

Mark Twain's classic story destroyed in a train-wreck of a movie

I love the Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn stories, and have collected as many filmed versions as possible, including updated ones. When this DVD appeared, I had high hopes of its content because of the presence of Jake T. Austin & Joel Courtney, both likable and very capable young actors. Oh dear, what a mess it turned out to be, adapted and directed by Jo Kastner from Germany, and filmed in Bulgaria. It was clear from the start that Kastner had little cultural grasp on Mark Twain's small town, mid-West American world in the middle of the 19th Century, nor any grasp whatsoever of pace and depth in presenting the characters and story. It is an express train journey through "Tom Sawyer", with a bit of "Huckleberry Finn" pointlessly stuck on the end, with no time to explore or indulge in the unfolding scenes. The inclusion of Val Kilmer (doubtless for "star" appeal) portraying the author Mark Twain wasted valuable time which should have gone into the main plot. Whilst Joel Courtney did his smiling best in the role of Tom Sawyer, Jake T. Austin played Huckleberry Finn at best with detachment if not actually in a continuous sulk, perhaps aware of the poor material he was made to perform and unhappy being in Bulgaria, a backward Eastern European country far away from the Mississippi. Katherine McNamara was a poor choice as Becky Thatcher, and the rest of the casting was a mess, not least an insipid Injun Joe. The 2011 German language "Tom Sawyer" film is infinitely more enjoyable, even with the language barrier, and if you want a highly watchable and authentic telling of "Tom Sawyer", the 1938 film starring Tommy Kelly holds up very well, as does the semi-musical version from 1973 starring Johnny Whitaker. In short, avoid this German/Bulgarian disaster movie like you would food poisoning.

Reviewed by ktrawick 2 / 10 / 10

How is this even Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? Save your time...

The Tom and Huckleberry actors were decent, Kilmer did a very passable Twain. But, how can you take an Injun Joe with an eastern European accent seriously? Not just him, but half the cast with accents that are definitely not American English. Tom's wardrobe changes were a mess, with the red and white shirts interchangeable at will. References made in the book as to the whereabouts of the treasure are lost in this movie version, and the pitiful last minute shots of Huck and Jim are a p.s. to the rest of the film. Why did they even bother? I understand this was filmed in Bulgaria. It should have stayed there, the accents would have disappeared, and the poor excuse for Tom's hometown would not have been so obvious. The picket fence is not a picket fence and should have been white washed, not painted. (There is a difference.) The switchblade was not a switchblade, Becky Thatcher's father, the judge (that connection is never mentioned), is old enough to be her grandfather, Sid is just there for window dressing, and Huckleberry magically becomes a ward of the widow.

Reviewed by jmakclark 2 / 10 / 10


Slow. Weak. Choppy. Terrible directing. My kids are forever going to hate Tom Sawyer as this was their first exposure. The characters are so boring! No fun. No fun at all...

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