Totally Under Control



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twominds79 8 / 10 / 10

Total Incompetence .

Please avoid all reviews giving this 1/10. These 'Trumpanzees' will call everything and anything Trump has done wrong 'fake news' . The documentary is extremely disturbing . The way the Trump government repeatedly dropped the ball is incredible. Trump blaming Obama for empty shelves while he had 3.5 years and did nothing. Hiring his son in law to track down PPE with zero experience and zero results. Trump only agreeing to give California governor some testing swabs if he personally got on TV and praised him publicly. The insight from experts who weren't listened to frustrates anyone with a modicum of intelligence. Concise and easily laid out for all to see. This should be compulsory viewing. I'm so lucky I am not living in America. What a mess!

Reviewed by zappapappa-528-951161 8 / 10 / 10

Pro or not pro Trump, that´s the reactions here

Was this an informative documentary? I say yes. Was it a pleasure to watch? I say no. Do I agree in a political way with the facts they try to depict? Well, I can check all of that myself. I see ratings of 1´s and 2´s because people don´t like to see Trump being criticized, but what does an opinion has to do with facts? Look it up, check it, if you find errors write them in your review. But to slash something because it doesn't fit your views, that´s kind of silly to me. I think it´s worth to watch but don´t expect to be happy at the end. Because this is about the failure of a corrupt system and the people managing it.

Reviewed by js-66130 8 / 10 / 10


Remember Dr. Nancy Messonnier? Exactly. But there she was, the face of the CDC, warning of pandemic and closures necessary to contain it, back in February. FEBRUARY! Messonnier was swiftly swept under the Trump carpet where all science based experts reside. It is a big carpet, with a growing bump. Huge bump. That is the sad crux of this documentary, a thorough, blow by blow spine-chilling COVID-19 dateline, and the shocking ineptitude and dangerous apathy from the Trump government (if you can call it that) in response. Not much new here for anyone keeping up with the news, fake or not, but when presented in a calm, simmering sequence, plays out like a bloody horror movie. Which, let's face it, it is. "Totally Under Control" is an impressive cinematic achievement, stretched out like a real time news program, brimming with startlingly blunt interviews, thorough investigations, slick editing, and stunning clips. The parade of despondent experts daunting. The series of unfortunate events mind-boggling. Just to rub salt deeper into the festering wound, an alternate reality, the successful South Korean response to the virus is not just eluded to, but is presented in all it's meticulous glory. A cold hard slap to the face of American foolishness. Ouch. A series of bungles, lies, incompetencies, and cover ups, lead to a catastrophe most are still trying to properly comprehend. This is an utterly infuriating watch. A strong drink might help. The dictatorial and abusive power wielded by the president is at the rotten core of this calamity, and filmmaker Alex Gibney eagerly lets The Don indict himself throughout. Repeatedly. Important agencies bow to his whims, try to massage (in vain) disasters, and for the most part, dare not contradict or question Trump for fear of reprisal. Those who do, are quickly dispatched. Fact or fiction? The lines are blurry. Will a devastating pandemic that threatens to hurl America into full blown depression finally sway the Kool Aid drinkers, or is this the end of the greatest country in the world? We are about to find out. This important film is ample warning, and a primo election primer. hipCRANK

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