Toy Gun

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April 1, 2019



Anthony LaPaglia as Roger East
Federico Castelluccio as Barry Homburg
John Hannah as Colonel Preston
Julian Sands as Garbos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by whitemanfromtowne 9 / 10 / 10

Highly recommended!

Let me first start off by saying to all of you ass clowns voting down on the other reviewers comments that say this film is good is absurd, bizarre and all out fraudulent. This film was by far one of the best made films that I have watched so far in 2019. I haven't giving a 9 rating to no other film I've downloaded this year, because my 9's are exclusive for the the best of film making, and Toy Gun is definitely worthy of it. I so enjoyed this movie from the beginning, the middle and end. I highly recommend this film. It was refreshing and enjoyable. Julian Sands and Anthony Lapligia were superb. Disregard the down votes on the good reviews. They're jealous trolls on assignment trying to stop you from watching something very decent. I bet that haven't even watched the film.

Reviewed by thedonedwardsbutterfly 10 / 10 / 10

Very charming little film.

Uncovered this nice little gem on Amazon US. Movie starts a little slow but it's got lots of layers for a small budget, great cast, really pleasant photography, and fantastic script writing: the story keeps giving you little snippets of fun to chew on and it comes together really nicely. Most low budget comedies I've seen these days are either trying to be funny and are not, or introspective fluff. The film is simple but fun and I ended the film feeling quite happy, and turned to my partner nodding. We both nodded. Yeah, it grew on us to the point where we considered watching it again. Sure it has a couple downers (music in a few areas that make it feel a little TV) but the chemistry between Luke Allen Gale and Anthony LaPaglia is awesome, John Hannah is really entertaining, and the script is fantastic, not too over the top, it's light and fun. Plus the music composer won a Best World Album Grammy and the DOP is the same guy who did Cinema Paradiso. The film won't win an Oscar, so don't expect to be blown away, but it's incredibly charming and a great way to spend a weeknight or weekend :) Worth your while. 10/10.

Reviewed by barfieldatl 10 / 10 / 10

Redbox delight!!!!

Boring Tuesday night. No plans, kid free, no work obligations. Needed a get a way. MAN did this pay off. No big names, directors....YET. Great movie. Awesomely written,cast,acted,directed and just everything. Not going to be for everyone, But if you like : Fargo, Usual Suspects,There will be blood, Taxi Driver...Yes that goes WAY back, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. Don't miss it.

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