Toy Soldiers

Action / Drama / Thriller

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October 12, 2020



Cleavon Little as Major Carl Malinowski, USMC
Jason Miller as Sarge
Tim Robbins as Self
Tracy Scoggins as Judith Grey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 4 / 10 / 10

Pat em' down.....

While on a vacation in Central America, Tim Robbins, Jason miller spent a lot of time drinking, whilst some American teenagers are kidnapped by terrorists. A rescue mission is sent after them, but they manage to escape and join up with a mercenary, because his movie career nosedived after Blazing Saddles to fight the terrorists. And Sean Astin and Lou Gossett Jr., are nowhere to be seen.... So basically the film is bad. For most of it we have a fat bloke with a head injury, while the bearded terrorists try constantly to feel up the two pretty hostages, and this is nearly the whole of the second act. The rest of the second act is of Tim Robbins and the others argue with rich people and train. Oh and one of them gets randomly attacked on the beach, and then justifies her joining of the rescue team because she's just killed someone. Hilarious. Its by the numbers stuff, with poor one liners, and Jason Miller looking really embarrassed, and the rest of the cast either being really beautiful, or being the ugliest band of soldiers ever committed to celluloid. As an eighties slice of cheese, its Roquefort, nice to look at, but pungent, and only nice in small doses. Plus it taught me that as soon as someone dies, they either get covered in rats, or sent to an embassy in a bin.

Reviewed by jacobpleasants / 10

This could have been a great MST3K

And in the context of MST3K, this may be worth watching. This movie is terrible, but I almost enjoyed watching it because it's just bad enough to incredibly hilarious. The plot is ridiculous and makes absolutely no sense, the premise is nonsensical, the acting is horrendous, and the action will make you cringe. In one instance, scenes that are supposed to be the same time of day are just not: one of the scenes seems to have been shot around evening and the other is clearly in the middle of the night. There really was no attempt to make this movie anything more than a terrible little treat for us awful-movie fans. So if you masochistically like to watch bad movies, I would recommend this one. I had a good time watching it. It's probably one of the worst I've seen in awhile.

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