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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sconewman 1 / 10 / 10

WHY !!!

Don't believe the reviews. This film is unwatchable , i didn't care about any of the characters , the plot was weak and the effects made mary popping look like a CGI master class.The only entertainment was watching the total look of dismay on my wife's face as the toys start singing or flying. waste of time and money .

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 2 / 10 / 10

Another mediocre horror film.

I assume horror films bring in the bucks, because they certainly get churned out often enough and this is just one more to throw on the trash heap. It isn't totally awful , it seems some effort went into it, but with very poor acting from almost everyone (Georgia Waters was actually pretty good) a lame script for most of it , a weak plot, and a very slow build-up this is only worth watching for the final pay-off of some mayhem. Other then some funny lines, there is some wit here, this is just the same old, same old, old house, creepy dolls, ghosts etc. Is it so hard to think up something new ? The plot is filled with holes and the movie is filled with gaffes. On top of all this , the film boasts some really lousy casting, as if they randomly picked people to play a family and all you see are actors doing a poor job playing a movie family. Certainly none of these people were hired for their acting ability. This isn't the worst horror I've seen lately, but when the horror scenes play somewhat intentionally as comedy (think the far superior Krampus) and everything else is just a boring family drama, you have to wonder why the film makers bothered to make this.

Reviewed by MikeyPass 2 / 10 / 10

The things that get greenlit....

Honestly one of the worst horror movies of all time....

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