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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ginocox-206-336968 5 / 10 / 10

Entertaining action scenes but an uninspired script

"Tracers" offers decent parkour action scenes and a better than average BMX action scene. The parkour isn't nearly as well choreographed as the opening scene in "Casino Royale" or most of the scenes in "Banlieue B13," and is often not credible because the characters make seemingly blind leaps on unfamiliar cityscapes, but the scenes are shown in a realistic manner and Taylor Lautner the other actors seem to do much of their own stunt work. The script brings entirely new dimensions to the concept of "lame." It might pull passing marks as a high school creative writing assignment if it were submitted on a day when the instructor was in a good mood, but fails miserably as a movie script. The film often feels like some insipid urban hip hop dance movie with predominantly lily white protagonists and parkour substituted for dance. The inciting incident involves the protagonist being distracted by the love interest to the point that he damages his property. In a fit of frustration, he discards it, even though it could easily be repaired and he needs it for work and he's desperate for money, then goes home to his well-equipped garage and does an analogous repair for his landlady's kid. Meanwhile, the girl feels bad because this person she doesn't know damaged property that could be replaced for a hundred dollars or repaired for fifty, so she buys him something to replace it that costs about a thousand dollars and somehow tracks him down and has it delivered to his place of employment. This is just one example of the muddled motivations of the characters. There's a Chinese bookie that wants his money right away. Why? It's not as if he needs the money. He should want his money on the street earning vigorish. If the borrower is still paying but running a little late, all the better as it provides an excuse to tack on extra charges. Why do the hero and heroine fall in love? Because they're both so irresistibly attractive, but have absolutely no other active love interests and both have athletic bodies that they keep hidden beneath baggy sweats. Because they have troubled pasts and limited future prospects. Because a movie like this needs a central love story. The romantic angle seems superficial, to put it mildly. If you're a criminal, why reveal part of your devious plan in a room that the police undoubtedly have wired for sound? If you're planning something that requires a team of five people to use parkour to get out of a dangerous situation, wouldn't it make more sense to rehearse in that same area so everybody learns the terrain rather than keeping the location a secret? If you need to stop the action for a scene with exposition explaining the meaning of the title to the audience, would it make sense to consider a different title? What does jumping through windows have to do with parkour? Characters are given flimsy generic backgrounds in a half-hearted effort to make them three-dimensional, but character development is pretty much nonexistent. The parkour moves are not nearly as extreme as in other films, but they're made to seem too easy. We don't see the grueling training that is necessary to master the techniques or any consideration of different approaches to clearing an obstacle. The dangers and need for practice are given lip service in dialogue, but not shown, other than a shot of a scar that has long since healed. Some of the free runners seem to be there to fill the screen, as there is little interaction between the characters. Dialogue is heavy on exposition with little subtext and even less humor. If there is a moral or theme, it would take a far more astute observer than this humble critic to understand it. Parkour is described as overcoming obstacles in your mind, but never becomes an allegory for overcoming the obstacles in life. The film lacks passion. Not that it should be melodramatic or devolve into pathos, but everyone behaves as if they are on Quaaludes when they aren't scaling walls. The most dramatically intense scene occurs when something happens to a car that hasn't run in a very long time. The parkour and BMX action scenes are fun to watch but not great. The story is a hackneyed and derivative disappointment. The actors do well with the action scenes and as well as can be expected with the dialogue they're given. The one love scene is shot so modestly it won't need to be edited out for network television and might not even cause much furor if shown in Muslim countries. Production values are adequate, although the use of jiggly-cam in static shots is distracting.

Reviewed by Nadine Salakov 6 / 10 / 10

The main character continuously gets into one bad situation after another.

Okay so Tracers has a nice film score, the performances are natural, the plot is half-original, we've all watched hundreds of films where a character borrows money from hardcore people and can't pay them back and goes into crime themselves to earn quick money to pay them back, but what makes Tracers HALF-original is the jumping around stuff that they do - that sort of thing is rare in movies. The pacing of the movie is okay for about half an hour, then it just drags on, of course there was the tired love interest scenario which is extremely cliché and boring, the girl looks like she is 10 years old and even though Taylor Lautner looks young, he still looks too old for her, that romance scenario was just plain awkward. The only time Tracers became riveting was about an hour into the movie and then shortly after that chase and shoot out scene the pacing started to dry up again, they should have spent more time in the editing room and cut some scenes or make new scenes. There is a couple of predictable scenarios, but the twist about their "leader" was unexpected. Tracers is only about an hour and thirty three minutes long, if it'd been longer it would have gotten really boring real quick. This is the type of film that you only need to ever watch once or not at all. The main character has choices and he constantly makes the wrong ones, and as he explains his mother still lost her house so all of that borrowing money from the wrong people was pointless and resulting in him looking over his shoulder and putting people who he saw as family (his landlord and her kid) in danger. I recommend the other Taylor Lautner movie "Abducted" which has a much better plot.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 6 / 10 / 10

A lot of jumping around

I would probably have liked this movie more when I was much younger because then I was still fit and sportive and I would associate myself more with the parkour scenes. Even though parkour didn't exist when I was young and that's too bad, because it seems like a fun thing to do, I can get that young people like to do this. You got to have skills and got to be fit and also like the adrenaline rush you get when doing dangerous things. Not that parkour is always dangerous but some scenes in the movie could mean instant death or at least serious injuries if you miscalculate a jump or roll. So to me the action scenes were pleasant to watch. There's a lot of jumping, hopping, falling and rolling but it's enjoyable to watch. The story though is a bit dull. The actors aren't that great either, they're just okay. In conclusion, if I would still be young I probably would start doing parkour after watching this movie, but I'm not so it's just okay to watch once.

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