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Kris Kristofferson as Older Billy Coleman
Martin Kove as Lou Clayton
Michael Paré as Swearengen
Tom Sizemore as Cully
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchakk 6 / 10 / 10

Father relentlessly pursues his enslaved daughter in the gritty Old West

RELEASED IN 2016 and directed by Timothy Woodward Jr., "Traded" stars Michael Paré as a father ruthlessly pursuing his runaway daughter (Brittany Elizabeth Williams) who has fallen prey to slavers in the prostitution trade. Trace Adkins plays an intimidating saloon owner while Kris Kristofferson is on hand as a bartender seeking redemption from the filth he's forced to live amidst. Tom Sizemore plays a nasty buyer in the slave-whore business. This is a low-budget Western that has some technical weaknesses, like dubious continuity/editing, but a compelling story, gritty tone, brutal violence and fine locations, costuming & score. If you don't appreciate dark, violent modern Grade B Westerns like "Hickok" (2017) and "6 Guns" (2010) don't bother. The plot is obviously a melding of "Hardcore" (1979) and "Taken" (2008) in the Old West, but without the blockbuster resources. There are a lot of UN-pleasant elements as we see what those saloon babes REALLY had to go through in the Old West. There are some unexpected highlights, like Marie Oldenbourg as "Girl" in a meaty subplot, but the way it concludes (the subplot) is a missed opportunity. As dark and brutal as the movie is, there are thankfully brief rays of light, hope, reverence and (hopefully) happiness. THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour 38 minutes and was shot at Paramount Ranch, Agoura, California and areas nearby. WRITER: Mark Esslinger. GRADE: B-

Reviewed by thamilton-05429 2 / 10 / 10

Traded: a Western Cliché - and not a good one

This movie is amazing in that it was even released. Even the most experienced actors recited their lines in a way one would expect of a cast of community theater players. The movie has no real craft to it. The plot is weak, thin, and designed more to shock with violence and gore, rather than intrigue and tempt the viewer with an interesting or clever storyline. To say it is anything other than what it is, is to defame every other halfway decent movie that was ever made. However, as a vehicle for a bunch of wasa wasa country musicians and seldom-used B- grade actors, it fills the bill for attracting a particular audience. It's a movie version of dime western novels.

Reviewed by Caleb Whitney 2 / 10 / 10

I literally shot my television

Unbelievably bad writing. Horrible, horrible, horrible acting, worse than amateur grade school acting, saccharine sentimentalism. Ugh. Just pure fukking dreck from start to finish. I gave this film 2 stars instead of one because the mom is a former pretty whore and the daughter (SPOILER) runs off to become a whore and she's really hot. God knows we can always use more whores. But seriously, most of the characters seem like They're half retarded. Move on past this one boys 'cuz there's much better whore movies to be had. If this film were a person I would punch it in the throat and shove it in front of a train or strangle it in its sleep.

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