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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scarlatov 7 / 10 / 10

The best Wall Street drama since "Boiler Room"

Definitely the best Wall Street drama I've seen since "Boiler room". The story is more or less classic, tight and very realistic. As a professional who has been through this cycle of the financial markets I believe that all aspects and details in the movie are covered in an extremely accurate way and show the real picture without exaggerating. Authenitc characters (though i believe Madsens performance was poor), real situations, nice framing, and an ending that is not typical for a french film maker. All filming sites are properly selected and create a really nice wall street like atmosphere. I strongly recommend it to all the fans of the financial genre. I believe the French deserve recognition for doing such a good movie with a tight budget. Enjoy!

Reviewed by grantss / 10

Incredibly bad

Very very bad. Plot is hair-brained and has no grounding in reality. Dialogue is silly. Performances are incredibly unconvincing. Most of the actors are unknowns, so it goes with the territory. However, Michael Madsen's performance is particularly laughable and we know he is capable of better, so the director must have had a hand in it. Avoid.

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