Trapped in Paradise

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Donald Moffat as Simpson
John Ashton as Joseph Bird Sr.
Mädchen Amick as Jean Brooks
Richard Jenkins as Robert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cormac_zoso 8 / 10 / 10

An Underrated Xmas Classic

I'm really not sure why people don't find this movie universally hilarious but perhaps i'm just a sucker for a bunch of losers finally coming around to doing the right thing kind of movie. With Nicolas Cage portraying 'the smart and good brother' doing everything he can to keep himself on the straight and narrow and also taking on the older brother mantle of trying to keep his younger brothers recently paroled for overcrowding and released to Cage's custody, the gleefully ne'er-do-well brothers portrayed by Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey, it is Cage's duty to keep these two on the straight and narrow as well. With Carvey's brother a helpless kleptomaniac and Lovitz' brother a semi-smooth talking schmuck who can always talk himself (and occasionally others) into anything ... and so they eventually, with the help of their 'sainted' mother (perfectly portrayed by Florence Stanley), talk Cage into breaking their parole, leaving the state to visit another con's estranged daughter. The purpose of the trip is really to rob a small town bank which, on a particular day, holds a Fort Knox like sum of cash. And so the story is set and while many people might guess the general path the film takes, it is a joyful and hilarious ride through their travails and eventual redemption in a town called Paradise. A tight and smooth-running script keeps the film humming along at a fine pace and ranks among my top ten xmas films ... though of course that might not include the standard films most would include ... i'm also a big fan of 'silent night, deadly night' ... so take it for what it's worth ... but this is still a very funny movie despite many of the negative reviews and the sub 6 star rating.

Reviewed by nsotrcc 8 / 10 / 10

Frickin' Hysterical

This film is hilarious. I can't believe it has been rated so low. I could submit at least a dozen memorable quotes and I haven't seen this movie in two years. I distinctly remember having to rewind a scene because we were laughing so hard we missed some dialog... if you ever get the chance, go see this movie!! Nicolas Cage is a riot!

Reviewed by Afalatovich 8 / 10 / 10

No no no It is GOOD

This movie is quite funny, you don't have to be a fan of Dana carvey or anything too. It was a good story and has funny plots throughout the movie as well. The guy who reviewed this before is wrong and is a typical this movie sucks that movie sucks critic. Jon Lovitz, Nicholas Cage, and Dana Carvey, are all hilarious in this flick and also just did a great job acting. These were the good Ole days and not the new days where its just stupid fart humor, and no class with the comedy, just sick and gross things. This had cache and goes down as a very funny movie. Go rent or buy it , its cheap and worth the cash spent. Toodles

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