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Reviewed by maat-33737 10 / 10 / 10

I must qualify the girls performance

True that the movie is not the best movie that you could see, but it's a good movie because creates a good teenage story. There are few big mistakes in direction, but in general, not related with the girls performance. And there are too some magnificent details, for example, the psychological background involved in such a subtle action like when Robertson is waiting to be called by the principal. Her reaction when door is opened and she stops biting her nails, is a reflex of a great direction and a great acting, or the facial expressions of Janel or Carly McKillip in almost every take... in fact, all personalities of the girls are really well defined and shows an amazing work of the director and the writer. If you focuses on the girls performance, Scout Taylor-Compton, Emily Tennant, etc., and especially on the performance of Britt Robertson (of course because she is the main character), you can see why am giving such a high score to the movie. Britt's performance deserves a 10, and drags the whole movie to that place with the help of the amazing work of the rest of the girls (10 for all the girls). Some people may love or hate her character, Chapin, and that's where it's strength of her performance. If you see her performance, and compares it with other movies, you can see how much talented and versatile actress who really she is. If you look for a simple and pretty movie in order to have a good time, this movie will accomplish the goal... if you can enjoy the skills of these young actresses.

Reviewed by Pretty Hatemachine 5 / 10 / 10

Don't bother... seriously. Spoiler Alert folks!

For some reason this had a high review on Netflix so I watched it. One of the WORST movies I have forced myself through. The acting was terrible, the plot was predictable and boring, and I don't even dare you to watch it. "Chapin" was supposed to be 16... um.. are we that stupid?.. Very mad at myself for actually watching it till the end. Spoiler Alert! The water where the whole bridge jumping plot brings us to is clearly really shallow and you would have to be a quadriplegic to have drowned. Another frustrating thing about this movie everyone is supposedly partying but not one of these girls drink, smokes or does anything teens do, just a lot of catty acronyms or abbreviated snooty remarks, boring boring and just plain stupid.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10 / 10

interesting young actresses in cheesy after-school special

Cicely Gerber (Janel Parrish), Sarah Algrenn (Emily Tennant) and Nina (Carly McKillip) attend Eve Spalding (Alexia Fast)'s 16th birthday sleepover party. All Eve truly wants is a call from her dad. Outcast Liza 'Rat Girl' (Scout Taylor-Compton) shows up after being forced by their parents. Trouble maker Chapin Wright (Britt Robertson) demands an apology from Liza for some reason. Chapin suggests a game of Triple Dog where the girls dare each other and failure means a shaved head. In flashbacks, Liza and Chapin's conflict is revealed and there's a mystery of Stacy St. Clair (Julia Maxwell) supposed suicide. The story is somewhat an after-school special. The dialog is pretty cheesy. The only reason to watch this is the cast. Britt is the bad girl but she's not that believable. She's pretending and it shows. Without a scarier villain, this is just a bunch of little girls pretending. The story should be darker but the movie fails to get there. In the end, the girls are all nice and it's a happy ending.

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