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Reviewed by begob 6 / 10 / 10

I don't wanna be in your fcuking movie!

Basement trash-horror fan teams up with his brownie-baking mother to ghoulishly preserve the magic of the passing generations of scream-queens. Comedy horror mostly pisses me off, but this is a great idea. The genre is splashed all over the screen and, although a bit coy on the sex, this should hit the spot for experienced fans of US slasher movies. Myself, I can't ref the films or actresses. Clunky production that gets into its stride, and I liked the performances as it went along. Dialogue and editing a bit slow, so the humour sometimes fails to spark and a lot of jokes are left at the table, but the pace is good. Favourite scene was at the audition, where the actors get to play it up. Plus the ending doesn't disappoint. It also hits a good note on the nostalgia of a film fan - the first reaction to watching a movie recedes, the regret becomes overwhelming. Kill it before it dies. Mom! Overall - low rent, dirty irony, but lack of sharps on the sleaze and humour.

Reviewed by jthaule 8 / 10 / 10

masterpiece this is not, but ...

This is not Alfred Hitchcock. In terms of production values it's not even Ed Wood. But that doesn't matter. It's made with a great deal of love for the subject matter, and actually allows the scream qeens to have their time in the spotlight. The whole film is very tongue in cheek, and obviously not meant to be taken as more than a love letter to a genre, and a group of women that made the genre what it is. Which is why it deserves eight stars. It succeeds at its mission with gusto.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 8 / 10 / 10


This is a film most horror fans will either love or hate. Max (Adam Noble Roberts) has the idea life living in his mom's basement (Maria Olsen ) watching old cult horror films from the 70's and 80's. Max laments that they aren't making films like this anymore and that the scream queens have gotten old. Never mind the fact many of these films were made before he was born. Max and mom devise a scheme to recreate scenes from old cult classic films, sort of, and kill and mount the heads of the scream queens. I loved the fact the film payed homage to nude ladies of the cult classics with outtakes. However the dialogue of the feature was trite and boring. It wore thin. It could have been a classic if Charles Band had better writing help. Guide: Plenty of F-bombs, sex and nudity in films plus producer/writer/actress Irena Murphy topless.

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