True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet


Comedy / Drama / Family / TV Movie

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October 27, 2020



Joanna 'JoJo' Levesque as Morgan Carter / Claudia Miller
Shenae Grimes-Beech as Sayre Hoyle
Valerie Bertinelli as Aunt Trudy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eurotrashjet 8 / 10 / 10

Wild Hollywood starlet sent to Midwest to get it together.

This is a really good made for TV movie which has recently made its debut on Lifetime. A drunk and out of control, young Hollywood actress is sent by her family and agent to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to go to high school, dry out, and learn some values. This movie really picks up as she integrates into her new school environment. This is the first lead role for Joanne "JoJo" Levesque and I would respectfully suggest that she serves notice here that she will be a major force as an actress in the very near future. In this film, and Aquamarine, she has a very watchable and likable presence. Being only 17, a bright future is in front of her as an actress if she wants it. As most are aware, she is already a star in the recording industry and she has stated that is her primary focus. I would hope to see more of her in film in the very near future. Valerie Bertinelli is also very good here as a wizened aunt who helps to straighten the misfit starlet out. Fellow student Eli is also very well portrayed in this film. All and all, this film is topical, timely and well worth the effort of all involved including the viewer.

Reviewed by sly2314 7 / 10 / 10

Too terrible to watch.

Yesterday I flipped on this movie because I felt like seeing a good teenage lifetime movie. I was sadly mistaken. This movie is horrible, Jojo should of stuck with singing. To be fair, the script and the plot didn't do any of the characters justice. The plot is horrible and very very very...did I say very? Unrealistic. The main character is essentially Lindsay Lohan. She was a popular actress who got caught up into the drug and alcoholic scene. As a result, she spun out of control. She was also very popular, one of the characters made a reference that she was on entertainment tonight. Because of her wild ways, her parents who seem to be caught up in their daughter's money do what any movie parent would do. Send the kid away and give her a new identity. They send her to a small town, completely different from California. She gains the name of Morgan and disguises herself with a scruffy hat and big sunglasses. Lets break for a moment here, say Lindsay Lohan was sent to a small town and her only disguise was a scruffy hat and big sunglasses? We would still know it was her. Why? The paparazzi follow the stars everywhere, they don't just go away because your in a different state! Okay, back to the summary. Morgan lives with her aunt I think, someone who clearly is quirky. One of the lines said her house was like, "Willy Wonka on acid". She's essentially Morgan's reality check. Fast forward a few scenes and it's Morgan's first day at school, she walks in without her disguise and no one notices her. The high school is like every high school stereotype died and went to hell. The students and nasty and the teachers are worst. One of the teachers demoted her to freshman math and showed her test to all of the students....Happens all the time right? At this point I was fed up with the movie, I didn't feel a connection with the main character. Instead I thought about her music and her life, and how she thought this role was a good idea. As I pondered this I glanced back at the scene and saw that Morgan was in an AA meeting. Yep, that's all I needed to see. I turned off the movie. I know lifetime is notorious for having cliché bad movies, but this was just painful to watch. It's an embarrassment to all of the actors, I hope they got paid decent money.

Reviewed by kairingler 7 / 10 / 10

spoiled teen drama queen

i was wondering if this was based on the life of Linday Lohan,, it was good to see Valerie Bertinelli in a movie again,, i remember watching her on the old TV show One Day At A Time.. a Hollywood starlet teen queen parties up the life of being a star,, she hits the red carpet and falls flat on her face,, and into re hab she goes,, she gets whisked away to some small town around Fort Wayne , Indiana by her mother and her manager,, where she stays with her Aunt Trudy.. she has to go to high school, wear cheesy teen girl clothes,, can't drink alcohol, and is basically shut off from her starlet Hollywood lifestyle,, sorta like a fish out of water,, i really liked Valerie Bertinelli's performance in this ,movie,, it was good to see that she still can act after all of these years,, this is a pretty decent movie.

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