Trump 2024: The World After Trump



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by viciousdeath 1 / 10 / 10

Dumb feeding dumb, more idiotic ideas...Nothing more.

1. This review is after Biden won! (don't worry I'll give you time to wipe your little maga tears up...) 2. As far as the ideology, all forms of governance fail at one point or another and you gotta adapt to changing times. We don't live in a democracy, we live in a capitalist democracy, which is pretty much a tyranny. If you don't have enough money for healthcare you die. 3. Welfare didn't ruin black america, the war on drugs ruined black america. Very deceitful how this is portrayed. 4. Now we know trump is a one term loser lame duck president, on top of which he's not good at fincance nor numbers. He's not diplomatic but incendiary. He's a sore loser, to date 11.08.20 he hasn't conceded lol. 5. The editing is good, in a run of the mill documentary kind of way. 6. The roots trump wanted to bring us back to, slavery segregation etc... 7. Did he ever "drain" the swamp, he did in fact the complete opposite of that. I had plenty of more points but it just dawned on me. THIS IS TRUMP PROPAGANDA, probably by his team if not outright paid by trump. No mention of his botched COVID response, I guess 200k plus people dying by his inability to do anything about it means squat. He saved the aluminum industry, but ruined 300 others in the process, grade-A economist if I dare say so...LMFAO

Reviewed by gregorycbacon 1 / 10 / 10

This movie knows it's audience...Pro-Trump Chrisitans

This movie is categorized as a documentary. It should fall into political commentary, although I understand that is not an option. Through a series of interviews and a voice-over you're given several reason from a Christian view point on why you should vote for President Donald Trump. This movie caters heavily and unapologetically to it's audience of Christian that support President Donald Trump. If you fit that description and want reasons for your support, this movie gives several. If you are genuinely curious about why a person would want to support Donald Trump and are interested and willing to listen, it shed light from a Evangelical Christian perspective. If you are against Donald Trump, an atheist, or don't care for religion this movie will just anger and frustrate you and serves no purpose. The three stars comes from it's ability to have look professional (lighting, editing, etc), and ability to give information in a clear way. I can't give it anymore stars since most of the rhetoric given is pathos (appeals to the emotions of the audience) and what little statistics are given are unverified. This film falls victim to many logic fallacies giving it very little substance and is largely driven on the viewer's emotions and commitment for Jesus Christ. It's not strong or bold enough to change the opinions of any viewer. The interviewers are not relevant enough in today's politic climate to warrant any reason to watch for political reason. The most well known is Mike Huckabee who has not held a politic office since 2007. This movies knows its audience and caters towards them. My stars: 1 - worst movies I've ever seen 5 - neither good nor bad, meh 10 - best movie I've ever sen

Reviewed by isummers-57977 1 / 10 / 10

If I could rate 0, I would.

This has to be the most unintelligent "documentary" (if it even deserves that title) I have ever watched. They actually used Venezuela has an example of socialism. Trying to fear monger, and scare every single uneducated white person into believing globalism is evil. Not one person who believe in globalism is in the entire "film". Blindly supporting Trumpets who believe "God" is the reason for everything.

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